Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Bunkhouse

This series began with me wanting to write a cowboy story. But it couldn't be any old cowboy story. It needed to be a one-of-a-kind cowboy story. And, since I am me, it needed to be kinky.

So I came up with the idea for The Braided Crop Ranch, a place for kinky men to play pony in the most ranch-like environment I could think up.

The Bunkhouse, where the stable hands and ponyboys sleep, became a central location in the series. I wanted it to be reminiscent of an actual ranch bunkhouse, but with modern amenities like showers, bathrooms and a kitchenette. A comfortable space but not that fancy. With group showers and a loft area that offered just enough privacy on occasion for brave souls to get up to some sexytimes.

I found these images online that offer some of the bunkhouse ambience I'm going for:


I followed Luke into the bunkhouse. As soon as the door shut behind us, Luke turned and curled into me, arms sliding around my waist, face nuzzling into my neck. This sudden vulnerability surprised me, but I gathered him to me out of instinct.

“Hey, hey,” I said, wondering what had brought this on. Was this sub drop?

“It’s not sub drop,” Luke murmured, pressing little wet kisses against my neck.

I grinned even though he couldn’t see my face. “What is it, then?”

“Not sure,” he mumbled. “But I need to be with you. I almost lost you.”

My heart beat fast and I felt something break within me. Something that had been my last small holdout against fully committing to this place. To Luke. To Noah.

“Okay. Let’s get undressed. You can stay in my bunk with me tonight.”

Luke pulled away slightly and gazed at me. “What you saw today, with me and Kamal.”

I blushed as I nodded.

“His dominance is why I come here. He knows how to deal with me. He puts me in my place.” Luke said, forehead creased with the seriousness of this statement. “I need that. From somebody.”

~ Excerpt from Stable Hand, November 2nd, 2020, NineStar Press


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