Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Progress Report!

When I begin writing a novel, I always divide it into three parts. It helps immensely with story structure and also makes the goal of writing a full length novel seem more manageable.

I am so close to finishing Part One (i.e., the first 1/3rd) of Varieties of Religious Experience, I can taste it. It's been a crazy couple of months, what with The Cross and the Trinity being published, my book launch, and arranging for my books to make the trip to International Mr. Leather Weekend, so I've been struggling with maintaining my focus.

I'm also feeling a bit more fear with this book, apprehensive of not meeting peoples' expectations. I know exactly what I want to do with this one, and where I want to take the characters, but it probably won't be easy. There will be a major change in the dynamics of the relationship, brought about by unforeseen circumstances, that will challenge all three men to discover different parts of themselves and each other.

Writing this is going to be tricky and an exercise in faith that I can actually pull it off, lol.

I'm trying to put all of that out of my mind and just do the work - create a completed first draft that may (in fact, probably will) be flawed but fixable, and just plunge ahead with the story that I began almost three years ago.

Hearing from those of you who are enjoying my books for the first time, or finding The Cross and the Trinity an acceptable follow-up to Beyond the Edge, really helps me stay focused and keep moving forward.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~ Liz

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Books Went to IML!!!

This itself is a huge accomplishment, considering that I, myself, did not go to Chicago. The fact that I didn't sell any, although disappointing, is a testament to the party-like atmosphere I've heard goes on at IML. I think that the last thing on most of these guys' minds was reading, lol! How could my books compete with the sex toys and fetish wear on sale at the nearby booths, or the gorgeous men milling about looking for hookups?

I'm still glad to have had a presence there. My trusted representatives, Indy Wulfe and Pup Drake, were kind enough to bring them to Chicago and man the booth for me. Here is an adorable photo of Pup Drake guarding my books:

Indy said that about thirty people looked at them and indicated an intention to purchase a copy at a later date, so that's something. At least my name is getting out where I need it to be - in the ears/eyes of the sexy/kinky leathermen that might enjoy the story.

I have a decent following of kinky-minded women who enjoy my books, but I know they also appeal to some gay leathermen, a fact of which I am extremely proud. I try to write with enough masculinity and acquired knowledge so that my actual gender doesn't appear obvious. I sometimes wish I had chosen to write under a male pen name, because I think that might have had an effect on my sales.

Ah well. Can't really change that now. And I, personally, don't see anything wrong with being a cis-female and able to write very hot and fairly realistic stories about upstanding gay male characters with unusual fetishes. 

As I said to someone recently who asked why I write the stories I do - why would I write about something that I can experience in actuality when I can, in a story, take myself somewhere I would never be able to go in real life? It is so much fun to take on an identity so foreign to my own, yet find the similarities and comparisons with my own existence/personality/predilections.

Hopefully, just having my books laid out on a table in the IML Leather Market will help to get my name out there. They certainly do look very pretty ;)

Huge hearts, hugs, and thank you shout outs to Indy Wulfe and Pup Drake for making this a reality.

~ Liz

Monday, May 26, 2014

Interior. Leather Bar.

Warning: This post contains spoilers.
I was cruising Netflix the other night, looking for a movie to watch. I had the living room to myself and was trying to decide whether to watch a cerebral independent movie or a quirky, intelligent, romantic comedy, when I figured I was in the mood for something along the LGBTQ line. There are a ton of recommended LGBTQ films on Netflix, a few of which I've seen or remember the trailers from, and it took me awhile to decide. But when I stumbled upon Interior. Leather Bar. I figured I could combine an evening's entertainment with valid research on the gay leather bar S&M scene.
Not sure quite what to expect, and anticipating a titillating view into the realities of the 80's New York City leather bar scene, it was only sixty minutes long and I figured I'd start watching and see if it was to my liking. I already knew that the film was an attempt to re-imagine the missing forty minutes of leather bar footage that had been deleted from the Al Pacino movie Cruising by the producers in order to avoid an X-rating:
The Motion Picture Association of America originally gave Cruising an X rating. Friedkin claims he took the film before the MPAA board "50 times" at a cost of $50,000 and deleted 40 minutes of footage from the original cut before he secured an R rating. The deleted footage, according to Friedkin, consisted entirely of footage from the clubs in which portions of the film were shot and consisted of "[a]bsolutely graphic sexuality....that material showed the most graphic homosexuality with Pacino watching, and with the intimation that he may have been participating." In some discussions, Friedkin claims that the missing 40 minutes had no effect on the story or the characterizations, but in others he states that the footage created "mysterious twists and turns (which [the film] no longer takes)", that the suspicion that Pacino's character may have himself become a killer was made more clear and that the missing footage simultaneously made the film both more and less ambiguous. When Friedkin sought to restore the missing footage for the film's DVD release, he discovered that United Artists no longer had it. He believes that UA destroyed the footage. Some obscured sexual activity remains visible in the film as released, and Friedkin intercut a few frames of gay pornography into the first scene in which a murder is depicted.
~ Wikipedia
It became immediately apparent that this movie was more of a documentary of the conceptualization and filming of the destroyed footage than a straight re-filming of what those scenes might have included:
"I wanted to be taken on a ride. I wanted to make a film that was as much about the experience as it was about making something. I wanted to go to a place of uncertainty, to set up parameters and then let the movie make itself. I wanted to explore the beauty of queerness, beautiful because it is counter to everything normal. As “straight” becomes the new “gay,” I wanted to find places where the anti-normative still thrived. Travis became my partner and guide on a trip to the queer-side."
~ James Franco
In fact, Franco and writer/director Travis Mathews, do this rather expertly.
We are introduced to Val Lauren, who will play the character of Steve (originally played by Al Pacino), expressing his ambivalence about taking on the role and his confusion as to the part he will play and the level of involvement he will have within the leather bar setting. He expresses his admiration for James Franco and his willingness to be a part of Franco's artistic vision, at the same time trying to get more information about where Franco wants to go with this project. Franco is purposely vague and gives a sort of half answer, hoping that Val will put his faith in Franco as his friend and producer to create something more than a porn film.
For a little while, as it became clearer to me that this was a documentary about recreating the X-rated 40 minutes of leather bar footage, I was uncertain of James Franco's intentions, but I definitely thought that filming the hesitation and reluctance of a straight actor negotiating and feeling his way into an intense scene that would involve actual gay men, real gay sexuality, and more than representations of gay leather kink/fetish, was fascinating.
Later on, it became obvious that the entire purpose behind the film was to expose normative sexual attitudes and how they responded to witnessing honest and unedited non-normative practices and identities.
Writer/director Travis Mathews speaks about casting the extras in the film:
"We also had a casting call at Playhouse West, where James first started acting. I’d never done a casting call like this before — I had done auditions, but not an actual casting call. The only thing that the guys who showed up knew was that it was a James Franco project involving a gay bar scene. There were probably 50 guys who showed up, and they all sat in these theatre seats, as Iris Torres, one of the producers, gave me the floor to talk about this project. Once I got into the specifics, a good third of the men left the room. I wasn’t asking any of these guys to have sex. They were all going to be extras for the bar scene, but I was asking for them to be in a very gay space where sex would be happening around them. For this, I needed to know how comfortable they were with kissing and touching another man in a space that was supposed to be a gay leather bar. What we ended up doing was putting different people in different corners of the room based on their comfort level interacting with another man and being so close to actual gay sex. I kill myself a little every day wishing that we’d filmed this. It was pretty rich and would have probably made it into the final cut."
My favourite part of the film is the depiction of actors Brenden Gregory and Brad Roberge (a couple in real life) having sex under the direction of Master Avery, in full view of the visibly uncomfortable Val Lauren.
Afterwards, in a discussion with the actors, Val admits that what he was observing became something more than objective gay sex to him. He could tell that the men had tender feelings toward each other and were an established couple, and I think this became a turning point for him, when he realized that the love and sexuality between two men who care for each other may not be that different from that between a man and a woman who feel the same.
The last scenes of the movie show Val actively participating in the leather bar footage with Master Avery, engaging physically and seemingly releasing himself from his preconceptions and getting caught up in the moment. The final shot is of Val driving away after dark, heading home to a missed dinner date with his supportive girlfriend. It seems obvious that many of his normative views have changed and he is speculating on what he has experienced over the past twenty-four hours.
I really loved this movie. There is a section during which James Franco and Val Lauren discuss gay sexuality and the ways in which it is still considered by a good portion of the population as divergent and non-normative because as Franco says, we are all brainwashed to believe that only straight, normative, monogamous sexuality is acceptable. He speaks about the possibility of bringing gay sexuality into the mainstream, or really any kind of alternative sexuality, because it seems strange to him that graphic violence is considered perfectly acceptable, and perhaps even desired, in mainstream art and film, but that certain representations of sex are not. Franco's vision for this film is actually to counteract the Cruising film, where Pacino's character goes undercover into a " deep, dark, evil place" by having Val's character go undercover into a place that is "I think, beautiful and attractive."
This entire discussion between Val Lauren and James Franco and the ideas that Franco puts forth, represent exactly my own thoughts and ideas about sexuality in all its forms:
Val: So, you think that, it (gay sex) should be in movies and, um, people should be able to see this?
James: Yes. Fuck, yes. Yes. Sex should be a tool - a storytelling tool, but we're so fucking scared of it. Everybody talks about sex but then don't dare put it in a movie. It's like, what the fuck. Or like, you're allowed to talk about it in certain ways, like locker room humour or frat house kinda humour, but, oh, oh don't show gay sex ... In previews, they have people getting fucking blown away and killed, but don't show gay sex.
Val: They do show gay sex, they show it in like rated X theatres...
James: Put it in the fucking mainstream.
Val: *laughing* Why?
James: To help tell stories, it's a great fucking tool. It's who we are. Everybody has sex, everybody thinks about sex, all the fucking time. We can't fucking put it in movies? We can put people killing each other, strangling each other... 
Val: There's sex in fucking movies everywhere.
James: In a certain way. It's fetishized, it's turned into...
Val: ... something a little more tame for people, right, a little more palatable. 
James: Why don't they give us violence in a little more palatable way, and amp up the sex? That's what I say.
Val: People like it (violence).
James: People like sex! Everybody fucking watches porn they just don't wanna talk about it. They just don't wanna talk about it in public. Everybody fucking watches porn. There's nothing wrong with it. People have sex.
Amen, brother. Amen.
Visit the Interior. Leather Bar. website for synopsis, cast information, press notes and reviews.

Erotica X

Good straight porn does exist!!!
I know, I know, it's hard to believe, right?
I'd pretty much given up on straight porn - I've been watching gay porn pretty much exclusively for the last three/four years, because the men are really hot, I don't have to look at a simpering blond with ridiculously long fingernails, too much makeup, and massive boobs, and there's usually more than one cumshot.
Ironically, while looking for some new online gay porn today I saw a thumbnail with a realistic-looking, attractive woman in a man's white shirt in the doorway of a beach house.
I clicked on it and watched for a moment. My attention was further captured when she walked out onto a balcony where a really cute guy was sitting in pajama bottoms and a t-shirt having a morning coffee. It was such a beautiful, realistic scene, and I was seriously waiting for something to wreck it for me - like the guy suddenly standing up and taking off all his clothes and putting his dick in the woman's mouth, or the woman going over and right away kneeling in front of him and putting his dick in her mouth - Not that there is anything wrong with having a dick in your mouth but I don't want to go there right away. Let's have some build-up first.
And they did. They bantered a bit, the guy smiling shyly and asking the woman if she wanted to move in with him. For alot of women, the fantasy of the man of her dreams asking her to move in with him (offering a commitment) is almost as exciting as the sex itself. She was delighted and bantered some more about what would belong to her if she moved in and what would belong to him. Although diehard feminists will recoil when she opens her robe and suggests that her body would belong to him, it is quite obviously just banter and a way of getting him over to the bed where she wants him.
The script itself notwithstanding, the actors are genuine and engaging, and one feels one could be looking in on an actual romantic moment that soon evolves into full on sexing. Rowrrrrrr.
I ended up watching the whole video which was refreshingly sexy and romantic and graphically depicted two people having sex together.
Suitably impressed, I went to the studio site. The studio is called EroticaX and has been named Best New Studio of 2014.
The video preview featured on the cover page looked good so I clicked on that. This one was a little sappy starting off, with the woman surprising her very sexy lover/husband with a trail of rose petals to the shower where she was awaiting him. But once she gets him in the shower it's ON. She gets him in there and he is still clothed and getting all wet (loved that!) and then she rips his shirt off and they go at it.
It was great! She was great! He was great! The sex was loud and great! The woman, not just the man, was genuinely enjoying herself! I think I was turned on just as much by the beauty of the shower as by the sex going on within it - basically a modern wet-room with slate tiles, beautiful tub and rain shower head. I mean, when you can get me with the decor and the sex and the implied story, it's the perfect trifecta.
When I finished the video and realized that I had actually been turned on by straight porn I took a moment to reflect.
Now, I've read Fifty Shades of Gray, and although I've read better erotica there is no doubt that this series of books struck a common chord with a large group of women. I can tell you that many of the videos on EroticaX have taken a cue from what made those books so popular. Not the flirtations with BDSM so much as the fantasy of being with a handsome, wealthy man, or at least able to cavort in fancy exotic locals with your lover. And the fact that women find a man just as sexy, if not more so, in a nice suit or a sexy pair of pajamas than buck naked and waiting for a bone. At least, we enjoy the journey of going from being clothed to being naked, rather than just stripping everything off to get at it or showing up to the party already naked.
I promptly signed up for a two-day trial (which only cost a buck) and I've had a look around the site. There is no question that EroticaX prides itself on creating good-quality, erotic videos aimed at couples and, more specifically targeted to women. One thing that puzzles me is the link to Models. Not sure why they are called models rather than actors, I expected to see both the male and female performers listed. For some reason only the women seem to be here and I'm really not sure why. Other than this, the site is beautiful and easy to navigate. There are not only videos but still photos from each shoot and glamour shots as well. The videos can be sorted by Most Viewed or Recently Added or Upcoming and are easy to download in whatever picture quality you require. I have downloaded all of mine in HD and it only takes about ten-fifteen minutes for each one. They run an average of 20-30 minutes when played.
What I really like about all the videos on this site, is the fact that they are shot in bright sunlight, either streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows or shining down on a private beach or balcony. The word that comes to mind is classy. They are well done and romantic and give us a view of the sex act between consenting adults as something to be celebrated and enjoyed slowly - savoured if you will - like a gourmet meal in a five star restaurant.
Try it. You'll like it.

Dancing in the Dark

Photo from Leatherati
A man named Hardy Haberman friend requested me on Facebook this morning. Seeing that he was a friend of Michael Tattersall's was good enough for me so I accepted. Plus he looked like a handsome devil and I'm shallow that way.
While checking out his Timeline I saw a link to an article he had published in Leatherati recently, called Dancing in the Dark. I read it, and was immediately impressed by his writing style and the content of the piece.
Mr. Haberman and I share the same philosophy about taking people at face value. If a person identifies as a certain gender or as no specific gender, I believe that genitals and chromosomes are irrelevant. Just as, if someone tells me they are gay, I am not going to question it. Or tells me they are straight. Or bisexual. Or kinky. Or vanilla.
The biggest gift of respect we can give a person is to believe what they tell us about themselves and validate it with our behaviour towards them.
Anyway, if Hardy Haberman ever wants to pursue a career in erotica writing, he definitely has the ability. The first part of this article had me panting ;)

I'm Sexy and I Know It!

Photo by Chris Seabrook
This past Saturday, my friend Christie participated in something extraordinary and daring. She modelled lingerie in the window of Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium on Bank Street in Ottawa's gay village. Wanda Cotie, the owner of the store, wanted to shake things up in downtown Ottawa, something she enjoys doing on a regular basis. Last year, she provoked passersby using barbie dolls in sexy submission/domination displays in the same window.
Christie is a busy mom of three living in the suburbs of Ottawa with her husband Steve and studying cosmetology and esthetics. She hopes to set up her own home-based business once she is certified. She also makes time for her own creative endeavours such as participating in "open mike" events at local clubs, playing guitar and singing.
I asked Christie a few questions about her experience at Wicked Wanda's:
1. How did you become involved in modelling lingerie in an Ottawa storefront? Had you ever been to Wicked Wanda's before?
Photo by Chris Seabrook
I had never been to Wicked Wanda's before, I think it's probably the only Ottawa sex shop I hadn't been to. A friend heard about the opportunity and thought of me. I didn't hesitate to reply because I am always pushing my limits and like to try new things. I also did it because I have a healthy body image, I really love myself, and I wanted to share that freedom with others. When you truly love and accept yourself you feel pretty great all of the time and not much can get you down (except maybe the sound of your children fighting!).
2. How did your husband feel about it?
Lucky for me I'm married to a man who is not threatened by my confidence. He doesn't see it as others getting a piece of what's his, he is proud of my beauty and strength and he knows there's no one else in the world I adore more than him. Long story short, he was supportive.
3. Were you nervous?
I did get a little nervous the night before, but once I got there it was all excitement and the people there made me feel very comfortable.
4. Did it take long to select an outfit you liked and felt comfortable in?
Photo by Chris Seabrook
Not at all. I love playing dress up so I already had an idea of what would make me feel my sexiest and they had a great selection. I chose a fishnet & heart mesh chemise in red and black. It was totally see through and barely grazed the bottom of my butt so I kept my push up bra and panties on.
5. Who was modelling with you? Was everyone supportive and encouraging?
Photo by Chris Seabrook
There were four of us in total. Shade, a burlesque dancer with really big boobs and a ton of gumption. Michael, a handsome gay man sporting a fringed loin cloth and a magnetic presence. Zelda, a drag queen with pizzazz and elegance, and myself. It was magnificent to be surrounded by people so in tune with who they are. Most people were very supportive. It was very amusing to see people's reactions. Some took pictures, some1380434_10151971865355661_2020494911_n did double takes, some looked away, and some looked horrified! There wasn't a moment in my three hours there that I felt uncomfortable or out of place. I actually felt like it was something I would enjoy doing again....but I've always been somewhat of an exhibitionist.

6. What was the point of the live window modelling? Did it go beyond a great way to advertise the store and what is sold there?
1901588_10152288154154277_1289361703_nI feel like we were promoting everyone's right to embrace their true selves and be sexy, be daring, try something different, get a little crazy. The world would be a much nicer place if more people were having GOOD sex that they enjoyed and you can't have that if you don't know or love yourself! It was also very clever advertising and we definitely attracted some traffic that otherwise might not have stopped in.
7. What will you take away from this experience?
For me it's all about personal development and growth. I'm on a mission to be better everyday. I spent the afternoon feeling sexy and making people smile, it doesn't get better than that! This gig was a great fit for me because I was promoting what I believe in. Not to mention the confidence boost I got from all that attention, so I guess that's what I'll take away... well, that and my new flogger ;-)

Thank you Christie for taking the time to answer these questions and for being the inspiring, sexy woman you are.

Happy Non-Monogamous Relationships Do Exist

I think that even those who have not yet read The Cross and the Trinity are aware that the story ends with my three male characters attempting to conduct a polyamorous relationship. While completely fictional, this concept is based on the idea that a polyamorous relationship is within the realm of possibility for gay men, or for anyone.
Last week I stumbled upon this article, about a group of three men who are actually in a polyamorous relationship at the moment - one that works well and in which love for each partner is the cohesive factor.
After reading through I had a look at the comments posted below and wasn't really surprised to see many negative opinions about the relationship.
Despite a perhaps unwise remark referring to the younger member of the threesome as a pseudo-son I don't think there is anything wrong with this arrangement. In fact, I get the whole father/son thing which is just another way of labelling the older/younger man dynamic. These men are not actually father and son, but the older adult male(s) no doubt fulfill(s) a leftover parental need that the younger adult male still has, and the younger adult male fulfills a nurturing need in the older male(s). There is nothing wrong with that, even when it includes a sexual component. This dynamic is found in many heterosexual couples where the man is significantly older than the woman, or vice versa.
In the article, Franco mentions that he met Vinny during a casual hookup which occurred after his marriage to Mark. Many people are confused by this, and don't realize that many gay male couples do not practice traditional monogamy even when they are, or consider themselves to be, married to their partner. Gay men are usually quite adept at separating sex from love. They realize that sexual needs differ from intimacy needs and that just because they want to fuck someone does not mean they want to live with that person or that they are in love with that person.
But what seems to have happened here, that a hook-up turned into something more for both original partners and evolved into a three-way relationship based on love, honesty and commitment, is a testament to the way that people (gay, bi or straight) can, if they like, make their own rules when it comes to creating a life together and managing loving relationships, unfettered by traditional mores.

The Amazing Dixie Landers

I first heard of Dixie Landers when my friend, Guy, told me that he'd scored a cool new roommate. I thought it was pretty cool that he was living with a drag queen.
Later I friend requested Dixie on Facebook and she politely accepted. I loved seeing the posts about her performances and the photos of her in drag. I've only ever been to a couple of drag shows and they were in Toronto when I was younger - unmarried with no kids - so had a little more time on my hands.
It wasn't until I spied this short documentary about her posted to Facebook a couple of weeks ago that I finally had a chance to find out a little more about her and about Michael Marcil, the man behind the performer. I finally had time and opportunity today to watch the twenty-seven minute film without interruption. All I can say is, it made me tear up several times, and it also made me desperate to feature it here on my blog for all of you to see.

Filmed and edited by Anne Girard, the movie takes an in depth look at Michael's history and his motivation for becoming a female impersonator. Spliced with energetic performances and behind the scenes interviews, the video is a fascinating window into his life. I defy anyone who has children not to tear up when he speaks about his relationship with his mother and how she gave up a year and a half of her own life to nurse him back to health after a terrible event occurred in 2007.
I also recognized many familiar faces in this film, again urging me to find the time to get out more and mingle with the good people I know already and meet fascinating people like Dixie and other female impersonators.
Photo by Shawn Pudsey
Photo by Shawn Pudsey
Ottawa may be a boring old government town during the day, but by night, if you know where to go, it sparkles with talent and diversity and beauty.


Sebastian (if he got his hair cut real short - but I like it floppy)
I heard a noise and opened my eyes, turning my head. Sebastian must have made the sound, but his eyes remained closed as he lay on his stomach, his head turned toward me, elbow crooked and his relaxed fist on the sheets beside me.
I turned on my side, looking him over, marveling again at his perfection. I mean, he wasn’t actually perfect, but that’s what made him so alluring. His mouth looked a little too big for his face and there were freckles and moles scattered over his skin, but to me, everything fit together to equal absolute loveliness.
I couldn’t help reaching out and touching his straw-colored hair, so soft and giving him that boyish look that I loved, although he was twenty-four. Still so young, really, but no longer innocent. I grinned, remembering how he had been introduced into my world, and how he had taken to it so naturally.
~ From Beyond The Edge (click on image for BUY link)

Varieties of Religious Experience - Book III

Well. Now that I have successfully (and finally) brought The Cross and the Trinity to publication, it is time to concentrate on writing the third book in the James Lucas trilogy.

Back about a month or so ago, I constructed an outline for the project and wrote the first chapter. A short way into chapter two and I realized the story was not working. I mulled it over for a week or two and then decided to put it aside and write the erotic lesbian short story I wanted to finish to submit to an upcoming anthology. Once that story was written it was time to put some effort into promoting the release of The Cross and the Trinity and planning my celebration and the book launch.
So this past weekend I decided it would be time to get to the nitty gritty of really working on Varieties and figuring out where I went wrong and what to do about it.
Luckily, while waiting to fall asleep on Saturday evening, listening to my husband’s light snores, I figured out a way to make the story work, and a fairly simple way, at that. Most of the story will stay the same except for some very major setting changes, mostly in terms of the time frame.
I had originally intended to start Varieties right where The Trinity left off. Then I suddenly realized that the story of Tate, Sebastian and James would be much more interesting if I related what was going on with them five years down the road.
Once I made that crucial time frame change, the story became much more real. I mean, it’s pretty obvious at the end of The Cross and the Trinity that things are going well, the three men are living with James in his home and making a go of being in a poly relationship. What if I look at what’s happening several years later? Are they still together in a triad? Do they still live together? If so, do they still live in James’ house? What are they doing for work now?
Once I began asking myself these crucial questions, a better story began to develop in my head. As the three men grow older, there will be new challenges and new opportunities. Their lives will necessarily change and it is my job to chart those changes and keep my readers interested in what is going on with them.
I feel like I can do that now and write a different sort of story, still full of graphic intimate moments, but permeated with a growing maturity and focus.
Because I’m so pleased with how The Cross and the Trinity turned out, the challenge of writing the planned sequel is daunting. But I will do my best to write an even better story in order to give these characters and my readers the closure they deserve.

Now Available!!!

*Sequel to Beyond the Edge.
Tate and Sebastian are having trouble maintaining a successful monogamous relationship. When trust is betrayed and old friends reappear, the men are faced with the challenge of making things work or changing the way they will be together. Nobody ever said relationships were easy, and when sexy Dom James Lucas swoops in at the right time, things get even more complicated. Or do they? Do gay men have to tow the traditional line, or is there room for a new definition of true love?
“Ms. Lister can write some kinky sex like nobody’s business-and the fetish party sequence still makes my pupils dilate just thinking about it, but there is also depth and emotionality that moved me.” – Optimist King’s Wench for Prism Book Alliance, April 2014