Thursday, October 10, 2013

Back in the Groove Again!

Hey everyone!

After a tough summer and some healing from an unexpected MS relapse I experienced in August, I'm getting back into the writing groove again! And what better way to announce this than posting some hot photos I found on Tumblr yesterday:

I'm revisiting the characters of Ryan and Henry from Apartment 1209, to write about Henry's initial training visits in more detail, since so many readers expressed an interest in them.

My editor at MLR is supposed to send me the first edits for The Cross and the Trinity very soon, which I am sooooo excited about. I read over a bit of my manuscript last month and, really, I'm so very pleased with it and can't wait to make it even better for you all!

I'm also starting to plan the third book in the Beyond The Edge series, because I really want to see the three characters grow and develop in their relationship.