Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sexy Superheroes!

On Saturday, my friends and I participated in a bowl-a-thon for the Ten Oaks Project, an organization that provides camps and activities for children of LGBT parents and for LGBT youth. My team raised a modest $260 towards the $40,000 goal which was achieved by the time the bowl-a-thon ended.

My sexy superhero friends were my initial motivation for participating. They had already assembled a team and I decided to put one together as well.

It was a wonderful afternoon full of laughs, adventure and good spirits. I only dropped the ball once and my husband turned out to be wiz at ten pin! My friend, Karl (Pup Rolph), proved that it is possible to bowl well in a leather pup hood and tail!

Much thanks to everyone on my team for the great team spirit and awesome bowling!

We also caught a glimpse of surprise guest, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, before she left.

It was a pleasure to participate and assist with such a great cause :)))))

~ Liz

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just Dicking Around

Finally was able to download some free photo editing software on my laptop.  I always knew I had the creativity, just didn't have the tools.  So I've been dicking around with covers for a couple of short stories and a couple of mock covers for The Cross and The Trinity.  This is too much fun!

Mock Cover:

Mock cover with Michael Tattersall (back view):

Working cover for the short story I'm currently writing for the Goodreads Love Has No Boundaries event:

Working cover for my short story in the kinky Toronto anthology to be released in April:

~ Liz

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Love Has No Boundaries

Okay, so...after saying I wasn't going to do this anymore, I've selected a photo and a story prompt in the Goodreads M/M Romance Groups, Love Has No Boundaries, writing event.

This time, though, the photo/prompt immediately 'spoke' to me with inspiration and the knowledge that this is one story I can write well and will very much enjoy writing:


Dear Author,

I am working three jobs to make ends meet, going to college at night and have not had any time for fun. I live one lonely boring life.

My neighbor across the hall has been watching me for some time without my knowledge. He thinks I'm overworked and need some time to relax...with him.

Somehow his version of de-stressing is this:

and calling him Daddy.

Please write my story about how I ended up being his boy.

Thanks! ;P

P.S. - a HEA most definitely!


I believe the stories will be posted in June and July.

I seriously cannot wait to begin this one!!!

I've already titled it and created a working cover:

~ Liz


Trussed up on the bed, spread-eagled and bound by my expert knots to the four corners of the frame, Freddy looked like something out of a bondage magazine feature. He was perfect. So young and fit, his skin flawless and smooth - unmarred by age, tattoos or piercings. Beautiful.
The big steel plug nestled inside him now, pushing on his prostate the way it was meant to, teasing me with its presence and the fact that I’d put it there. His thick cock curved in a long arch over his flat belly, a tempting pearl of dew at its tip, taunting with its glistening essence. I wanted to lick it off. I wanted to swallow that cock and make Freddy come. I wanted to hear him scream with pleasure.
But not yet.

~ From the short story, Leaving, to be included in the kinky Toronto anthology, released April 11th, 2013.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Catch Me Live...

I will be on tonight at approximately 11:45pm Eastern Standard Time to talk about writing hardcore BDSM.  The wonderful Dorianne will be interviewing me, and who knows where this discussion will go...

You can catch in online at or on Rogers Digital TV(channel 946) or Bell Fibe TV(channel 970) if you don't live in the Greater Toronto Area.

~ Liz

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bowl-a-thon for Ten Oaks Project!

On March 23rd I'm participating in a bowl-a-thon here in Ottawa to raise funds for the Ten Oaks Project, a charity that hosts camps and events for LGBT people and their families. Even though LGBT families are becoming much more accepted in mainstream society, I feel there is still a place for organizations like this, where children can meet other children in similar circumstances. Also, LGBT youth who are struggling with acceptance at school will have a place to feel welcome and celebrated, perhaps making the impact of any prejudice they do experience somewhat less.

Please consider donating to my team, Balls to the Wall:

Balls to the Wall Donation Page

Look for photos from the event here after March 23rd!

~ Liz

Sunday, March 3, 2013

There's a Great Story Here...

This photo series by Michael Stokes Photography gives new meaning to the term "copping a feel".

Finished and Submitted!

I am pleased to report that my completed first draft manuscript for The Cross And The Trinity has been submitted to my editor at MLR Press.

I'm very pleased with the work I've done on this story.  I hope she likes it as much as I do...

~ Liz

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Amazing Friends!

My good friends Richard and Morgan decided to submit a video audition for Amazing Race Canada. Have a look and see if you think they have a good chance of getting on the show:

Team R&M Audition for Amazing Race Canada

~ Liz