Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dog and Pony Show (re-post)

If you've been reading this blog at all you're already acquainted with my love for leather pups and their handlers.  My favourite leather pup, Karl, happened to let it slip that his partner, John, was in possession of a pony costume.

Well, if my ears could have perked up, they certainly would have!

I couldn't stop thinking about Karl's 6' 6'' handsome partner dressed up as a pony.  Chatting with Karl later I made a joke about getting some photographs of the two of them together as pup and pony.  Karl responded so positively to that idea, only pointing out that if I wanted them both in their suits I would have to help out with some of the fastenings (!), that I decided this was an adventure I could not forsake.  After getting approval from John, we quickly set up a time for me to visit with my little Canon Powershot.  I made sure they knew that we probably wouldn't get stellar photographs from this shoot, but I'd do my best in the circumstances.

When I arrived at their apartment, John was already partly outfitted, having on a full rubber bodysuit and putting on 'points' (leather foot/ankle gear that forces the wearer onto the balls of his/her feet when walking).  While John did this, Karl took me on a tour of their spacious apartment, culminating in their bedroom before the massive wood four-poster bondage bed that John designed and constructed this past summer.

Note the preponderance of eye hooks on the sturdy wooden pillars.  This bed is a bondage afficionado's dream.  Wet dream.  

John soon joined us and Karl helped him finish putting on his pony suit.  Rubber gloves and a slick rubber under-hood were next, so that he became a smooth, black object with eye and mouth holes.  I watched, completely rapt, as he took the massive and complex pony hood from its storage bin and put it on his head.  Karl locked him into it.

All of a sudden, this tall man became a strange and imposing horselike creature.  The high-quality hood certainly leant an air of realism to his transformation.  I was struck by the amplified noise of his breathing, initially reminding me of Darth Vader, but soon of a slightly winded horse.  There is a full bridle on this hood, including a bit that fits into the pony's mouth.

A fairly intricate bondage cuff followed:

At this point, the photographer (me) put in a request to see Pony on his hands and knees.  Karl graciously removed the bondage cuff holding Pony's arms back and ordered, actually, gently shoved, Pony into position. 

Pony did seem to be enjoying the experience and the photographer snapped away, attempting to conceal the fact that she was, at this point, completely turned on and frankly at a loss for words.  I think she still kept talking but she has no idea what she said.

Then, to make matters worse (or better, really), Karl began using the reigns to slap Pony on his broad back, causing him to grunt and react.  For some reason, there are no photos of this, or of the subsequent riding crop that appeared suddenly to deal Pony some smart licks on the behind and elsewhere.  Let me tell you, taking pictures was suddenly the last thing on this photographer's mind.  She needed to be in the moment.  She did, however, have the foresight to take a short video that shall remain for her personal use only.

Before things got out of hand, we remembered the original purpose of this photo session.  Karl tied Pony up to the bed and proceeded to put on his pup suit.

Now, this is where the photoshoot got really interesting.  After helping Karl on with his hood and one of his paws, I watched as he suddenly became 'Rolph' the leather pup.

And something of an introduction took place:

Up to this point, for obvious reasons, Rolph and Pony had never been together.  They sniffed and made acquaintance with each other while I snapped away, completely enthralled by what I was witnessing.  I knew that I was privy to something intimate and special between two men in the privacy of their bedroom.  I'll let the rest of the photos speak for themselves.

I have to thank Karl and John so much for allowing me the privilege of photographing them in their home and giving me a little glimpse into their kinky lives.  It was a total trip and something I will never forget.

~ Liz

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