Friday, February 17, 2012

Rough Excerpt #2 - Beyond the Edge (bdsm m/m/m)

From: Chapter Three ‘Friday with James’


By 5:50pm I was pulling into the driveway of James Lucas’ large suburban home in Ottawa’s south end.  It looked like all the other houses on the street.  I wondered if any of his neighbors knew what he got up to inside those walls?

Just thinking about it made my belly clench with anticipation.  Excitement and a bit of fear combined in me as I got out of the car and approached his front door.  There was no sign of Sebastian.  Mine was the only car in the drive.  Perhaps he would arrive later.

My breathing quickened as I walked up the steps to the small front porch.  My cock had been erect since before my shower.  Using the enema kit had primed me for the rest of the evening.  Now it strained against my jeans as if it were trying to escape.  I brought my hand up and rang the bell.

I waited patiently for a few moments.  I was trying to decide whether he was making me wait on purpose or if I should ring the bell again, when the door opened.  I was expecting James of course.  But Sebastian stood there instead.  He had on black jeans and a white button-up but no shoes.

He smiled and opened the door wide.  “Hi, Tate.  Come in.  James is in the study.  He told me to answer the door.”

I nodded, my eyes flying over Sebastian and my brain acknowledging the accuracy of my memory.  Except he looked even better than I remembered.  I stepped inside and removed my shoes and jacket.  Sebastian took my jacket and hung it in the closet next to his brown one. 

Then he took my hand and led me down the hall.  His touch gave me goosebumps and made my cock ache deliciously.  I knew better than to ask any questions.  I’m sure Sebastian had strict instructions from James as to what to do with me.

He led me into what looked like the living room.  There were a couple of comfy looking sofas, a leather ottoman, an Eames armchair and a gas fireplace.  A large flatscreen TV hung on the wall over the fireplace.

Sebastian cleared his throat and gestured to one of the sofas.  “I need you to sit down.”  He smiled shyly as I did so.  I sat there, my heart pounding in my chest, wondering what was going on. 

Sebastian’s crystalline blue eyes gazed into mine for a moment.  Then he knelt before me.  “I’m supposed to blow you…” he whispered nervously, looking up at me as if for permission.

My mouth opened involuntarily and I nodded silently.  Oh yeah.  That sounds good to me.

“…But you can’t come.” He finished.

Of course.  Dammit.  Of course I wasn’t allowed to come.  I nodded again, closing my mouth and getting ready for it. 

He undid the top button of my fly.  I glanced around the room, wondering if there was closed circuit TV in here.  Sure enough, I spotted the small camera in the corner.  Clever man, James.

Still, this was a pretty gentle way to start out.  I’d half expected him to meet me at the door, tell me to strip and then tie me up henceforth.

I heard Sebastian’s quick breaths as he undid my jeans and pulled them down.  I lifted my ass to help him but otherwise kept my hands still.  I hadn’t been instructed to do anything but sit here and not come so that’s what I was going to do. 

He glanced up at me with those baby blue eyes and grinned.  The dimple in his cheek made my cock twitch.  I could see the excitement and eagerness in his eyes.  No doubt he saw the matching emotions in my own. 

He looked back down in my lap and touched my straining erection through my blue boxer briefs.  I gasped.  We looked at each other again.  He blushed.  “Ready?” he said breathlessly.

I nodded.  I didn’t speak.  I didn’t know if I was allowed to.  I wanted to be a good boy this weekend, more than anything else.

I felt his fingers slide under the band of my boxers.  He pulled them down.  I lifted up again to help as he slid them down to my knees.  My cock stood hard and eager between us.  We both looked at it.  Sebastian exhaled shakily and touched me gently with his fingers.  “So big…” he breathed.  “So fucking gorgeous…”  He looked at me and I smiled.  But my brows were knit in concentration as I tried to keep my excitement under control.  Fuck he hadn’t even put his mouth on me yet…

He slid a warm hand around the base of my standing dick.  When his lips touched me I couldn’t help a moan escaping.  Those lips…those goddamn perfect plump lips…on my cock…

He kissed my length, up and down, over my smooth as silk sack and the tops of my thighs.  Now I was grateful for the expert waxing that Budgie had dealt me.  Sure it had hurt like fucking hell but I knew James would be pleased.  By the time he started on me with his tongue I was a quivering mess.  Get it together, get it together…I tried not to watch but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from that tousled blond head.  Every once in awhile he looked up at me with those blue eyes, as if to make sure I was enjoying myself, and my cock would throb.  I wanted to tell him not to tease me so, to just go at it.  That would be easier to withstand than this leisurely torture. 

Of course, when he finally did take me in his mouth, I had to bite my lip and think about dead dogs in order not to let go.  It was partly that I hadn’t orgasmed in 48 hours, and partly that I’d been dreaming about Sebastian’s mouth on my dick for the past 72.  I forced myself to close my eyes and lean my head back, so that I could put all my concentration into staving off my orgasm as he sucked and licked my cock with astounding enthusiasm and flawless technique.  He might be new to the sub game - he was definitely not new to oral sex.

I kept making involuntary whimpering noises as he worked me.  I think I heard a few moans come from him as well.  I’m sure his dick was as desperate as mine.  If giving head turned him on as much as it did me, well, he was probably finding this difficult too.

It was very clever of James to put us in this position.  He didn’t have to lift a finger to have us both at his mercy.

Finally, when I thought I couldn’t hold on much longer, we heard a deep, somewhat hoarse, voice on the speaker system.

“That’s enough, Sebastian.  Tate, get dressed and both of you meet me at the top of the stairs, please.”

Sebastian immediately took his mouth off me and stood up.  He smiled and held out his hand.  It took me a moment to compose myself, especially since when he stood, the massive bulge in his black jeans was at eye level.  Holy Mother of God.  It looked huge.  Why hadn’t Budgie said anything about the size of it?! 

I grasped his hand and he helped me up.  Then I put myself back together as best I could.  I stuffed my cock into my boxers and my jeans.  I was fumbling with the button when Sebastian said, “Here, let me…”  My hands fell to my sides obediently.  He shoved his hand down my pants, pushing the head of my dick lower.  I hissed in surprise and pain and pleasure as he swiftly buttoned me up. 

My cock hurt but at least I was decent.  I didn’t dare speak so I smiled in gratitude.  He nodded and took my hand again, leading me back out to the hall.


~ Elizabeth

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meow ...

A friend of mine linked me to something on Facebook awhile back that was titled something like 'Cutest Guys with Cats' and, of course, I downloaded my favorites ;)  There's just something about an attractive young man petting a pussy...oh, excuse me, a kitty...that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

~ Elizabeth

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rough Excerpt - Beyond the Edge (bdsm m/m/m)

Beyond the Edge - Summary: 

Twenty-five year-old Tate Mackenzie has signed on for a weekend of kinky fun at the hands of Ottawa's most sought after Dom, James Lucas.  However, James has invited another man, twenty-two year-old Sebastian Doucette, to join in.  Tate requests a meeting with Sebastian before the weekend begins and is immediately intrigued by, and attracted to, the innocent seeming and self-effacing younger man.  They find themselves drawn together under James' expert tutelage and when the weekend is over, explore a growing attachment to each other.  But James hasn't been entirely honest with the boys and soon Tate finds himself the focus of two infatuated men.  One a young almost-innocent, the other an experienced Dom.  How will he choose the man he wants or the lifestyle he desires to pursue?


From Chapter Two - Preparations:

When I got home that evening, I rubbed one out in the shower, thinking of a 22 year-old blond haired blue-eyed boy tied up in bondage ropes, being fondled by strange men.  I had to rub out another one after I went to bed, because I just couldn’t get that image out of my head.

Now I’ve seen, I mean, actually seen, lots of guys in bondage rope.  The fact that an imagined image of someone I’d only just met could get me this hot and bothered - Well, that was unprecedented.  I guess the whole idea that I would be with him this weekend, and the anticipation of what we might be doing this weekend, helped excite me. 

Anyway, tomorrow was Wednesday, and I wasn’t permitted to pleasure myself for the rest of the week, so it was just as well.  I contemplated setting my alarm for 11:30pm in order to really get it out of my system, but rejected that idea as ridiculous.  I would be fine tomorrow morning.

I wasn’t. 

I woke with the usual morning wood but couldn’t do anything about it.  It didn’t really concern me, because I usually woke with a hard on and it most often went down of its own accord if I ignored it.

It didn’t.

I had made an appointment after work at my favorite spa for the implicitly instructed manscaping.  Unfortunately, my erection had hung around all day in various stages of alertness and now that I was about to be stripped and waxed, I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to hide it.  Luckily, I’ve been coming here for years, and they have a sense of humor.

“Jesus, Tate, you happy to see me or what?” said Budgie when he removed my towel as I lay back on the table.

“I can’t help it, Budgie.  It’s been there all day.”

“Oh, you poor thing…do you want me to…”

I swatted away his wandering hands before they touched my dick.  “No!  Don’t touch it!  I’m under strict instructions to leave it alone.”

Budgie’s face was the picture of confusion.  “Huh?  Are you kidding me?”

I looked down at my poor aching dick and shook my head sadly.  “Nope.  Not kidding.”

When he still looked confused I said, “I’m subbing for James this weekend.”

Suddenly comprehension dawned.  “You mean, James Lucas?”

I nodded.  Suddenly he looked panicked.  “Honey, you should have said something when you called in.  I’d have added another hour to your appointment.”  He shook his head and clicked his tongue.  “Mr. Lucas is very, very particular…”  He covered me up again and headed for the door.  “Let me see if I can get someone to cover my next appointment…”

Oh, cripes.  Now I was in for it.  Budgie’d have every single hair off me by the end of my session, except for what was on my head.  I guess it was for the best though.  At least my hard on started to wilt at the thought.

Budgie was soon back looking relieved and focused.  “Yep, Troy’s gonna do it.”  He winked at me while he got the wax and all his implements of torture ready.  “You never know what a spur of the moment blowjob will get you in the future.”

I laughed.  Budgie adored giving blowjobs.  And he was very good at it.  My dick started to harden again as I remembered the couple that I’d received from him.  But as soon as the hot wax made contact with my groin it went down again.  “Easy, Budgerigar.  It’s been awhile…”

He raised his eyebrows and yanked the hardening wax from my skin with practiced skill and obvious pleasure.  I yelled and swore as the ripping pain followed. 

“Fuck!  Jesus Christ!”

He held up the wax so I could see all the hair on it.  “This is your fault, sweetheart, not mine.  You should’ve been in to see me three months ago.”

My hands were in fists and I tried to calm down while he applied more wax.  “Budgie, I’m sorry, just please don’t do it too fast…”

He ripped the second one off me and ignored my howls.

He laughed as he quickly applied more wax.  “For someone that enjoys a bit of pain, Tate, you’re remarkably sensitive.”  He pulled off another strip.

I felt the tears rising in my eyes and I whimpered, hoping that perhaps that might work to slow him down. 

“I’ll have to give good old Mr. Lucas a call and let him know how to really torture you.”  He said, grinning happily.

“You are so much more of a sadist than anyone else in this town…” I growled through clenched teeth.  I held in another shout as he pulled the next strip off.

He surveyed my nether regions appraisingly.  “Oh, that’s much better.  You have such a pretty cock, Tate.  Are you sure you don’t want me to…”

“Budgie!  Just get this waxing business over with, would you?  And keep your hands off my bits.”

He put his hands on his hips, disappointed.  Then he nodded.  “Roll over.”

I hesitated.  “Wait.  Shouldn’t we do my chest first?”

He raised his eyebrows in astonishment.  “You gonna tell an artist which part of the painting to do first?  Roll over.”

I huffed, but I obeyed him.  Might as well get in the mindframe for this weekend.

I spent the next forty minutes in agony as he stripped me entirely of body hair in a meticulous and efficient fashion.  I must have looked like a lobster when he was done.  My entire body hummed with residual pain and heat.

“I want you in the mud bath next,” he said.

I looked at him, rubbing my bare chest to try to ease some of the discomfort.  “Do you think that’s really necessary?”

“Yes.  I know Mr. Lucas and I know he likes his boys soft as butter.  He’s paying for this, right?”

I nodded.

“Then what’s the problem?”

I shrugged.  “I don’t know.  I feel like a girl.”

He laughed.  It was a loud, shouting laugh, like he’d just heard the most ridiculous thing ever.  “Honey, this ain’t nothin’.  You’re gonna feel like a girl when Mr. Lucas is finished with you.  A quivering, blushing, fucking violet!” 

He continued laughing as he left to prepare my mud bath.

The worst thing was, I knew he was right.

Hope you enjoyed this little preview of my work-in-progress novel, Beyond the Edge.

~ Elizabeth

Saturday, February 11, 2012

For the Fanfic girls...

What do you guys think?  Could it be him?  I'm sure it's not actually him, but looks enough like maybe???

~ Elizabeth

Thursday, February 9, 2012

'Beyond the Edge' Rough Draft Complete!

Earlier this week I completed the rough draft of my novel 'Beyond the Edge'.  It stands at 68,100 words right now, the longest thing I have ever written.  I already have an idea for a couple of additional chapters I want to add during revisions, so it will end up being even a little bit longer.

I'm very excited and proud of the story I have written, but I know it still needs a lot of work.  I recently sent a few short excerpts out to some friends who helped me with my research for this novel.  I'm waiting to hear back as to their opinion.  Even though I'm a published author, I still feel some insecurity when it comes to my writing and storytelling abilities.  Every time I write something new, I worry about whether people will enjoy it.  This story is tricky in another way.  I have been calling it a hardcore bdsm novel.  I'm not really sure that it qualifies as hardcore.  It definitely will to my more conservative friends who may never have read any bdsm stories.  But now I have friends who actually engage in bdsm in real life.  Will it be hardcore to them?  Probably not.  It may even seem quite tame.  Who knows?

But, ultimately, I have to write the story that speaks to me and the story that I want to write, and not worry about pleasing everybody.  I only hope that, no matter people's preferences, the heart of the story comes through and I am able to engage them with my characters and the romance of their coming together.

So I am taking a break for a couple of weeks and then I will read it through from start to finish, making notes along the way.  I will then add or remove content in order to better represent the characters and themes I am trying to portray.  Once I have the content right, I will go through the rough draft for language to tighten and smooth out sentence structure and vocabulary.  Although it sounds like a lot of work (and is), there is nothing that thrills me more than polishing a story so that it transforms from something mediocre to something fantastic.

Of course, if/when it is contracted for publication, it will go through the entire process again at the hands of my editor, which will make it even more amazing.

Can't wait ;)

~ Elizabeth

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Riding Daphne...

Okay, so, nothing beats the mommy blues better than heading out on the road with just the dog in tow for her grooming appointment, singing rude lyrics at the top of my lungs.

I bought the soundtrack album to the movie 'Get Him To The Greek' a few weeks ago.  I love the movie, because I essentially have the maturity of a seventeen year-old boy most of the time.  It's crass, it's rude, it's graphic and I love it.

It follows the story of Aaron, a young record executive who is given the task of collecting Aldous Snow, former rock star, from his home in London England and bringing him to the States for a reunion concert at the Greek Theatre.  Aldous Snow, played expertly by the very talented Russell Brand, is the satire of every drug-addled, sex obsessed, narcissistic, misogynist rock god that has ever lived on this planet.  The great thing about this movie, besides the wonderful acting and the inspired script, is the amazing soundtrack.  Yes, all the songs are satires of what an actual drug-addled, sex-obsessed etc. (see above) rock star would actually write and sing.  However they are extremely clever satires.  And delivered in Brand's gorgeous sexy voice, they could be confused by someone not aware of the subtext as actual, twenty-first century, rock songs.

Get Him to the Greek Soundtrack

Now, the only time I can actually listen intently to song lyrics for a good amount of time is when I'm alone (or with the dog) in the car, since at home I am constantly surrounded by noisy, inquisitive and needy children or a noisy inquisitive and needy husband, lol.  This album isn't appropriate to play when the kids are around anyway, so this is the first time I have listened to the entire thing with full concentration.

I already had some favourite songs, like 'Furry Walls' and 'Bangers and Mash' that I knew some of the lyrics to.  But there was a song that came up called 'Riding Daphne' that I hadn't really listened to before, that may contain the most hilarious, tongue in cheek (or somewhere else) lyrics I have ever heard.

Let me just say that the dog must have thought I was having a coronary from the choking noises of hilarity that I was uttering as the song played out.  I'll just give some backstory here.  Daphne is Aaron's fairly conservative and ordinary girlfriend who is an overworked intern and ends up telling Aaron they need to 'take a break' before he goes off to London.  She regrets her decision and calls Aaron only to overhear on his phone the crass words of Aldous telling Aaron to pick which girl he wants to fuck at the party.  Of course, Daphne is furious, but she loves Aaron.  When Aaron arrives back home with the infamous and crassly sexy Aldous Snow, Daphne insists on experiencing her own freedom, inviting both Aaron and Aldous into bed for a crazy threesome.  When she and Aaron wake the following day after 18 hours of much needed sleep, they decide to burn the sheets and forget their uncharacteristic tryst with the rock god.  However, the event stays with Aldous as he subsequently pens the ode 'Riding Daphne' about his experience.

Here is a sample:

"With her lab coat and her stethoscope, she came so hard she couldn't cope, my Daphne.
She took my manhood down her throat, she knows the Heimlich, she won't choke, not Daphne.
She dropped her drawers and sat on me while watching Grey's Anatomy and
Checked my prostate gland for free, did Daphne..."

And there is also the classic 'Ring Around the Rosy', sung by the actress who plays Aldous' slutty ex-girlfriend and singer, Jacquie-Q.  A cheeky song about anal sex, delivered with spot-on satirical sincerity, it gets me every time:

"One, two, three, four, who's that comin' in my back door?
Five, six, seven, eight, aaaaah, feels great..."

So, yes, rude, crass and in-ellegant, these songs are raised from mediocrity and ridiculousness by the talent of the lyricists, musicians and singers.  They tickle me in secret places and make me smile like crazy.

~ Elizabeth