Thursday, November 17, 2016


I have a thing about bathrooms. I love taking baths and I love imagining my characters bathing themselves or their lovers in luxury accommodations. If you've read Beyond the Edge, you know that one of the first hot scenes takes place in James' elaborate master bathroom which is more of a wetroom, with an open two-person shower and a giant soaker tub.

Here is a scene from The Loft - Book One with, of course, a reference to a hot bath. What can I say? I enjoy pampering my guys, especially after an intense erotic encounter.

Excerpt from The Loft - Book One:

“Are you all right?” James asked, brushing the damp hair from my forehead. “You must have passed out.”
“You fucked me into oblivion, Sir.” I said, only half joking.
He stared at me for a moment then smiled. “I'd apologize but you seem to have enjoyed it. Are you sure you're all right, Tate?”
“Well, I could use a drink.”
Sebastian handed me a glass of water as I sat up. The room spun a little.
“You're very pale.” James observed.
“Bet my ass isn't.”
“Probably not. I'll draw you a bath.”
He got up and went into the ensuite. Soon I heard the water running and felt a profound sense of peace wash over me. I looked at Sebastian.
“I'm fine, Sebastian. It was really intense, that's all.”
He seemed to believe me. “When did you last eat?”
“Um...” When did I last eat? That was a good question. I'd come home from work to two horny men and had no doubt skipped lunch earlier. Yes, that was the problem. “Breakfast?”
“Breakfast! What the hell, Tate. No wonder you're a bit off.” He got up and went to join James.
Uh oh. Now there'd be trouble.
They came out of the bathroom looking pissed off.
“What? I didn't skip lunch on purpose. I had a lot of work to do. And then you guys didn't exactly offer me a snack. I mean, an edible one. I mean, well, you know what I mean.”
James sat down beside me. “If your ass wasn't already red I'd take a paddle to it. If I'd known you were hungry...”
I took another drink of my water. “I wasn't really thinking about food once I got home. I'm fine.”
“I know you're fine. But you did give us a scare.”
“I'm sorry.”
“It's all right. Now put on my robe and go make yourself a sandwich before the water gets cold.”
“Yes, Sir.”
After I'd eaten and lay soaking in the warm tub while James tidied up the bedroom and Sebastian loaded the dishwasher, I reminisced on what it meant to be living with these men. It meant that sometimes, healthy nutrition got bypassed for more urgent things, sure. But it also meant I had two people who cared enough to look after me when that happened. Hell, to even notice. I felt cherished and cared for and well-fucked. And that was the best feeling in the world.

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