Friday, October 31, 2014

Snowball Fight

We paid the bill and headed back to the condo. The snow was still coming down and collecting on the paths. The noise of snowplows clearing the way nearby broke the silence of the storm. As we trudged up the gentle slope to the condo the breath from our lips made little puffs of smoke, the crunch of our footsteps a pleasant accompaniment. As we got close to the chalet, Sebastian said my name from behind me.
When I turned around my face was hit with a freezing handful of snow.
Sebastian's musical laugh filled the darkness as I wiped the frigid crystals from my face. I gave him a cold look as I bent down and scooped up some snow. But he was already running up the hill.
"Winner gets a blowjob!" he yelled as I took chase.
"All you have to do is ask!" I replied, trying not to slip in the snow and slush. When I got close I hurled the ball at his back, grinning when it hit its target.
"Fuck!" he yelled but kept running.
I ran after him. We were almost at the top of the hill and then it was only another few yards to the door of the chalet. I forgot about the snowball fight and just hauled ass. I didn't care about the blowjob. It was a matter of principle now. I ran as fast as I could, almost tripping a couple of times in the heavy snow, feeling grateful I’d kept up my gym visits this winter. Trouble was, so had Sebastian.
Finally I made it close enough to reach out and grab his jacket, which I did, spinning him around and landing on top of him in a cold, wet pile. He struggled beneath me, laughing and trying to get away.
"Uh, uh, no you don't. You're not getting away from me, pup!" I laughed too, trying to shove snow down his pants and finding his shrieks and curses absolutely hilarious. He was so adorable. How did I get so lucky?
"Okay, okay, Uncle! That shit is cold on my balls!!!"
I stuffed one more handful down there for good measure. "You deserve it you little twerp."
"Ah, fuck, fuck!"
When I let him up he danced around, trying to get the snow out of his pants.
"Here, let me help," I said, grabbing the waist of his jeans and sliding my warm hand inside. I found his semi hard dick under the wetness and circled it with my hand as I grabbed his jacket and pulled him close. "Is that better?"
"Yeah," he said, breathless, cheeks rosy from the exertion. I watched his pupils dilate with desire, his face inches from mine.
"Don't get too excited. I'm just warming it up," I said, giving it a squeeze before letting go and withdrawing my hand.
"Come on. Let's get inside."

- A Numinous Light, Chapter Six

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