Thursday, July 24, 2014

Who Let The Dogs Out?

I finally made it downtown to a Pup Night event at the Centretown Pub. I think they've been going on for a year now and I kept meaning to attend.

I had an MS relapse last August which hindered my mobility and made me dial back on social engagements for awhile, then winter came along and the driving worried me. Then spring was super busy with my book release and related events, and the end of the school year and our big month of birthday parties (June).

Last night turned out to be the perfect evening to head downtown - the humidity dissipated around noon and the temperature turned cooler than it's been in days. I drove with the windows open, listening to CBC-1 and enjoying the thought of an evening out.

Once I found a parking spot I headed over to the pub on Somerset Street. As I climbed the stairs to the second level, who should I see but Michael Marcil, aka Dixie Landers, and my friend Guy, standing at the top of the steps.

I was thrilled when Michael recognized me because we've been Facebook friends for awhile but haven't really hung out together much, or at least not when I've realized that he is the man behind the well-known performer.

We spoke for a bit and then I moved into the main part of the room, since I was excited to see who was in attendance. MLO 2014 Jon Nizzi led a short meeting about the Capital Pride Parade and what the pups were going to do in it, and then people began to get suited up.

The pups and handlers had installed a temporary fence to cage the dance floor area off as a pup play zone, with an appropriate entry mat:

They soon got down to some wrestling:

Pup Fidget came in for a cuddle:

Some gear needed readjusting:

And then it was back to business:

It was great to see the pups in action again. 

While the pups enjoyed themselves I sat with the handlers and other observers, catching up on things. I congratulated some friends on a recent engagement and we spoke about wedding planning and how to keep it simple and stress free. I also spoke with a young aspiring writer about writing gay erotica for publication and how, even though it doesn't pay much, it's a very interesting and rewarding endeavour. 

Even though Pup Rolph didn't participate in the romping it was wonderful to see him in person and it's always a thrill to see Scout Zeb who I happen to think is the sexiest pup in the history of pupdom (wait is that even a word?). We won't talk about how young he is or the fact that I'm happily married and he's gay. A girl can dream, right? Lol.

There were a couple of other pups there whom I'd seen before but don't know well. They looked awesome in their gear, letting me take photos of them and indulge my inner voyeur and penchant for men in masks ;)

Doug, my friend and the manager of Wildes, was tending bar and didn't charge me for the club soda I had - thanks Doug!

It was a great evening and also valuable research, since I'm planning to incorporate an event like this into Varieties of Religious Experience, the third book in the James Lucas Trilogy. My character Sebastian is into pup play but has never been to a pup event. 

I thought it might be fun for him :)

~ Liz

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