Thursday, June 5, 2014

Feels So Good... have competed the first THIRD of the FINAL novel in The James Lucas Trilogy!

Varieties of Religious Experience is Book III after Beyond the Edge and The Cross and the Trinity. The novel follows Tate, Sebastian and James as they change living locations, deal with a friend's health and relationship crisis, go on a Christmas ski trip to Mont Tremblant, and find the dynamics of their three-way relationship challenged by an unexpected circumstance.

Here is the blurb that I have right now (might change once the entire manuscript is complete):

Varieties of Religious Experience - Five years after coming together in The Cross and the Trinity, Tate, Sebastian and James continue to share their lives, having moved from James home into a mutually acquired downtown condo. Still kinky as hell and proud of it, the three men navigate the complexities of a committed relationship, help a friend through a health and relationship crisis, and deal with an unexpected occurrence that alters the dynamics between them. What do you do when life throws you a curve ball? You catch it and throw it right back.


He slid his arms around me and rested his blond head on my thigh. I ran my fingers through his hair, thinking about him and James and all we’d been through. Why was I letting this little hiccup get to me?

Sebastian’s hair felt soft and clean and his head warmed my thigh where it lay. I stared out the big double paned windows onto the ski hills below hoping that whatever James needed to do back in town would be done quickly and he’d be back here by midnight as planned. As I watched, a light snow started falling. The tiny flakes mesmerized me and I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up a couple of hours later with a start. The room had darkened and the only light came from the gas fire and the in-ceiling automatic lights in the kitchen. The fall of snow out the window was heavier. I could still see some skiiers on the lit-up hills, but most had retired to a warm indoor spot for the evening.

Careful not to wake Sebastian, who had fallen asleep as well with his head in my lap, I checked the time on my watch. 7:45pm. James would have had time to reach Ottawa before the worst of the storm, so that was good. Hopefully the drive back wouldn’t be too bad. Maybe I should call him and tell him to wait until tomorrow. My phone was on the breakfast bar though, which meant I’d have to wake Sebastian.

Luckily he stirred and lifted his head at that moment. He looked adorable, his hair messy from my touch, his cheek pink from the heat of my thigh.

“Hey,” he said. “What time is it?”

“Time to go get some supper,” I said. “Should be a romantic walk in the snow.”

He looked out the window. “Oh yeah. I’m starving.”

“James left a list of good restaurants in the kitchen.” I got up and found it, then handed it to him. “See if anything appeals to you. I’m just gonna give James a quick call.”

“Okay,” he took the list from me and sat down to look it over.

I dialled James’ cell phone number. He picked up after a few rings.

“Hello, Tate. My goodness, you are missing me aren’t you?” He sounded smug and, luckily, not annoyed.

“No, well, yes, but that’s not why I phoned.”


“The snow’s pretty bad up here. I don’t know what it’s like where you are.”

“I’ve seen worse.”

“Maybe you should wait until tomorrow to drive back,” I said.

“You worried about me driving, Tate? That’s sweet.”

“Well, I don’t want you risking your life for me, James. I can wait to see you until tomorrow.”

“Don’t be silly. It’s not that bad. The car has new snow tires and I’m used to driving in these kinds of conditions.”

“On the highway at night?”

“There won’t be any traffic.”

“That’s ‘cause most people won’t think it’s safe to drive.”

“When did you turn into an old lady?”

“Very funny.”

“I’ll be fine. I’ll see you at midnight.”

“Okay. Drive carefully, dumb ass.”

“Oh, I will. I have to deliver a spanking when I get there. Bye, Tate.”

“Bye, James,” I said, trying and failing to hide my laughter. 

- Varieties of Religious Experience, Chapter Six (from rough draft)

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