Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ah, Sweet Sebastian

When people talk about my first novel, Beyond the Edge, many of them mention the character of Sebastian. It seems his guileless attraction to Tate and willing submission to James makes a lot of readers love him. Not to mention his affinity for dressing up as a leather pup.

When I wrote the rough draft, I had a definite inspiration for the look and character of Sebastian. The actor who plays Sam Evans on Glee, Chord Overstreet, immediately captured me with his youthful, country boy look and generous mouth. I modelled Sebastian's physical appearance directly from Chord, although I made Sebastian's eyes more blue.


Tall and slim, wearing blue boot-cut jeans, Blundstone boots, and a brown leather jacket, he looked like a wet dream. His blond hair curled out beneath the edge of his hat, framing a boyish face with a generous mouth and flawless skin. When his vibrant blue eyes caught mine, he smiled the most adorable, questioning smile.

- Beyond the Edge, Chapter Two

Has he done something naughty?

That floppy blond hair!

I stopped watching Glee a couple of years ago, but while searching for photos to post here came upon these delectable ones of Chord performing Lady Gaga's Applause:

I also found this, which could be Tate and Sebastian relaxing after an intense session with James:

Ah, the imagination ignites!

And this photo of a slightly more mature young man is how I'm picturing Sebastian as I'm writing the final book in the trilogy, Varieties of Religious Experience. He now holds a diploma in graphic design and works out of the new condo. No more working at Pet Luv for this pup!

~ Liz

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