Monday, June 16, 2014

A Scottish Series Perhaps???

This photo appeared in my Facebook newsfeed today and I think I had a small spontaneous orgasm. 

I mean, the leather kilt, the white button up, the vest, the jacket, the beard, the smile, the red fucking sporran...excuse me for one second...

Okay, I'm back :)

This is Mr. Midwest Leather 2013, Cody Troy, who has just been appointed to the judging panel for MWL2015. I am seriously considering writing another erotic series of novels about a Scottish Leatherman just so Cody can be on the cover in this outfit.

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Jamie Lake said...

This sounds like a great idea, Elizabeth! As an author, as well, I know inspiration can come from anywhere. Maybe a new series about a Scottish Leatherman is exactly what you need to write!