Monday, May 26, 2014


Sebastian (if he got his hair cut real short - but I like it floppy)
I heard a noise and opened my eyes, turning my head. Sebastian must have made the sound, but his eyes remained closed as he lay on his stomach, his head turned toward me, elbow crooked and his relaxed fist on the sheets beside me.
I turned on my side, looking him over, marveling again at his perfection. I mean, he wasn’t actually perfect, but that’s what made him so alluring. His mouth looked a little too big for his face and there were freckles and moles scattered over his skin, but to me, everything fit together to equal absolute loveliness.
I couldn’t help reaching out and touching his straw-colored hair, so soft and giving him that boyish look that I loved, although he was twenty-four. Still so young, really, but no longer innocent. I grinned, remembering how he had been introduced into my world, and how he had taken to it so naturally.
~ From Beyond The Edge (click on image for BUY link)

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