Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Books Went to IML!!!

This itself is a huge accomplishment, considering that I, myself, did not go to Chicago. The fact that I didn't sell any, although disappointing, is a testament to the party-like atmosphere I've heard goes on at IML. I think that the last thing on most of these guys' minds was reading, lol! How could my books compete with the sex toys and fetish wear on sale at the nearby booths, or the gorgeous men milling about looking for hookups?

I'm still glad to have had a presence there. My trusted representatives, Indy Wulfe and Pup Drake, were kind enough to bring them to Chicago and man the booth for me. Here is an adorable photo of Pup Drake guarding my books:

Indy said that about thirty people looked at them and indicated an intention to purchase a copy at a later date, so that's something. At least my name is getting out where I need it to be - in the ears/eyes of the sexy/kinky leathermen that might enjoy the story.

I have a decent following of kinky-minded women who enjoy my books, but I know they also appeal to some gay leathermen, a fact of which I am extremely proud. I try to write with enough masculinity and acquired knowledge so that my actual gender doesn't appear obvious. I sometimes wish I had chosen to write under a male pen name, because I think that might have had an effect on my sales.

Ah well. Can't really change that now. And I, personally, don't see anything wrong with being a cis-female and able to write very hot and fairly realistic stories about upstanding gay male characters with unusual fetishes. 

As I said to someone recently who asked why I write the stories I do - why would I write about something that I can experience in actuality when I can, in a story, take myself somewhere I would never be able to go in real life? It is so much fun to take on an identity so foreign to my own, yet find the similarities and comparisons with my own existence/personality/predilections.

Hopefully, just having my books laid out on a table in the IML Leather Market will help to get my name out there. They certainly do look very pretty ;)

Huge hearts, hugs, and thank you shout outs to Indy Wulfe and Pup Drake for making this a reality.

~ Liz

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