Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm Sexy and I Know It!

Photo by Chris Seabrook
This past Saturday, my friend Christie participated in something extraordinary and daring. She modelled lingerie in the window of Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium on Bank Street in Ottawa's gay village. Wanda Cotie, the owner of the store, wanted to shake things up in downtown Ottawa, something she enjoys doing on a regular basis. Last year, she provoked passersby using barbie dolls in sexy submission/domination displays in the same window.
Christie is a busy mom of three living in the suburbs of Ottawa with her husband Steve and studying cosmetology and esthetics. She hopes to set up her own home-based business once she is certified. She also makes time for her own creative endeavours such as participating in "open mike" events at local clubs, playing guitar and singing.
I asked Christie a few questions about her experience at Wicked Wanda's:
1. How did you become involved in modelling lingerie in an Ottawa storefront? Had you ever been to Wicked Wanda's before?
Photo by Chris Seabrook
I had never been to Wicked Wanda's before, I think it's probably the only Ottawa sex shop I hadn't been to. A friend heard about the opportunity and thought of me. I didn't hesitate to reply because I am always pushing my limits and like to try new things. I also did it because I have a healthy body image, I really love myself, and I wanted to share that freedom with others. When you truly love and accept yourself you feel pretty great all of the time and not much can get you down (except maybe the sound of your children fighting!).
2. How did your husband feel about it?
Lucky for me I'm married to a man who is not threatened by my confidence. He doesn't see it as others getting a piece of what's his, he is proud of my beauty and strength and he knows there's no one else in the world I adore more than him. Long story short, he was supportive.
3. Were you nervous?
I did get a little nervous the night before, but once I got there it was all excitement and the people there made me feel very comfortable.
4. Did it take long to select an outfit you liked and felt comfortable in?
Photo by Chris Seabrook
Not at all. I love playing dress up so I already had an idea of what would make me feel my sexiest and they had a great selection. I chose a fishnet & heart mesh chemise in red and black. It was totally see through and barely grazed the bottom of my butt so I kept my push up bra and panties on.
5. Who was modelling with you? Was everyone supportive and encouraging?
Photo by Chris Seabrook
There were four of us in total. Shade, a burlesque dancer with really big boobs and a ton of gumption. Michael, a handsome gay man sporting a fringed loin cloth and a magnetic presence. Zelda, a drag queen with pizzazz and elegance, and myself. It was magnificent to be surrounded by people so in tune with who they are. Most people were very supportive. It was very amusing to see people's reactions. Some took pictures, some1380434_10151971865355661_2020494911_n did double takes, some looked away, and some looked horrified! There wasn't a moment in my three hours there that I felt uncomfortable or out of place. I actually felt like it was something I would enjoy doing again....but I've always been somewhat of an exhibitionist.

6. What was the point of the live window modelling? Did it go beyond a great way to advertise the store and what is sold there?
1901588_10152288154154277_1289361703_nI feel like we were promoting everyone's right to embrace their true selves and be sexy, be daring, try something different, get a little crazy. The world would be a much nicer place if more people were having GOOD sex that they enjoyed and you can't have that if you don't know or love yourself! It was also very clever advertising and we definitely attracted some traffic that otherwise might not have stopped in.
7. What will you take away from this experience?
For me it's all about personal development and growth. I'm on a mission to be better everyday. I spent the afternoon feeling sexy and making people smile, it doesn't get better than that! This gig was a great fit for me because I was promoting what I believe in. Not to mention the confidence boost I got from all that attention, so I guess that's what I'll take away... well, that and my new flogger ;-)

Thank you Christie for taking the time to answer these questions and for being the inspiring, sexy woman you are.

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