Monday, May 26, 2014

Erotica X

Good straight porn does exist!!!
I know, I know, it's hard to believe, right?
I'd pretty much given up on straight porn - I've been watching gay porn pretty much exclusively for the last three/four years, because the men are really hot, I don't have to look at a simpering blond with ridiculously long fingernails, too much makeup, and massive boobs, and there's usually more than one cumshot.
Ironically, while looking for some new online gay porn today I saw a thumbnail with a realistic-looking, attractive woman in a man's white shirt in the doorway of a beach house.
I clicked on it and watched for a moment. My attention was further captured when she walked out onto a balcony where a really cute guy was sitting in pajama bottoms and a t-shirt having a morning coffee. It was such a beautiful, realistic scene, and I was seriously waiting for something to wreck it for me - like the guy suddenly standing up and taking off all his clothes and putting his dick in the woman's mouth, or the woman going over and right away kneeling in front of him and putting his dick in her mouth - Not that there is anything wrong with having a dick in your mouth but I don't want to go there right away. Let's have some build-up first.
And they did. They bantered a bit, the guy smiling shyly and asking the woman if she wanted to move in with him. For alot of women, the fantasy of the man of her dreams asking her to move in with him (offering a commitment) is almost as exciting as the sex itself. She was delighted and bantered some more about what would belong to her if she moved in and what would belong to him. Although diehard feminists will recoil when she opens her robe and suggests that her body would belong to him, it is quite obviously just banter and a way of getting him over to the bed where she wants him.
The script itself notwithstanding, the actors are genuine and engaging, and one feels one could be looking in on an actual romantic moment that soon evolves into full on sexing. Rowrrrrrr.
I ended up watching the whole video which was refreshingly sexy and romantic and graphically depicted two people having sex together.
Suitably impressed, I went to the studio site. The studio is called EroticaX and has been named Best New Studio of 2014.
The video preview featured on the cover page looked good so I clicked on that. This one was a little sappy starting off, with the woman surprising her very sexy lover/husband with a trail of rose petals to the shower where she was awaiting him. But once she gets him in the shower it's ON. She gets him in there and he is still clothed and getting all wet (loved that!) and then she rips his shirt off and they go at it.
It was great! She was great! He was great! The sex was loud and great! The woman, not just the man, was genuinely enjoying herself! I think I was turned on just as much by the beauty of the shower as by the sex going on within it - basically a modern wet-room with slate tiles, beautiful tub and rain shower head. I mean, when you can get me with the decor and the sex and the implied story, it's the perfect trifecta.
When I finished the video and realized that I had actually been turned on by straight porn I took a moment to reflect.
Now, I've read Fifty Shades of Gray, and although I've read better erotica there is no doubt that this series of books struck a common chord with a large group of women. I can tell you that many of the videos on EroticaX have taken a cue from what made those books so popular. Not the flirtations with BDSM so much as the fantasy of being with a handsome, wealthy man, or at least able to cavort in fancy exotic locals with your lover. And the fact that women find a man just as sexy, if not more so, in a nice suit or a sexy pair of pajamas than buck naked and waiting for a bone. At least, we enjoy the journey of going from being clothed to being naked, rather than just stripping everything off to get at it or showing up to the party already naked.
I promptly signed up for a two-day trial (which only cost a buck) and I've had a look around the site. There is no question that EroticaX prides itself on creating good-quality, erotic videos aimed at couples and, more specifically targeted to women. One thing that puzzles me is the link to Models. Not sure why they are called models rather than actors, I expected to see both the male and female performers listed. For some reason only the women seem to be here and I'm really not sure why. Other than this, the site is beautiful and easy to navigate. There are not only videos but still photos from each shoot and glamour shots as well. The videos can be sorted by Most Viewed or Recently Added or Upcoming and are easy to download in whatever picture quality you require. I have downloaded all of mine in HD and it only takes about ten-fifteen minutes for each one. They run an average of 20-30 minutes when played.
What I really like about all the videos on this site, is the fact that they are shot in bright sunlight, either streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows or shining down on a private beach or balcony. The word that comes to mind is classy. They are well done and romantic and give us a view of the sex act between consenting adults as something to be celebrated and enjoyed slowly - savoured if you will - like a gourmet meal in a five star restaurant.
Try it. You'll like it.

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