Monday, May 26, 2014

Dancing in the Dark

Photo from Leatherati
A man named Hardy Haberman friend requested me on Facebook this morning. Seeing that he was a friend of Michael Tattersall's was good enough for me so I accepted. Plus he looked like a handsome devil and I'm shallow that way.
While checking out his Timeline I saw a link to an article he had published in Leatherati recently, called Dancing in the Dark. I read it, and was immediately impressed by his writing style and the content of the piece.
Mr. Haberman and I share the same philosophy about taking people at face value. If a person identifies as a certain gender or as no specific gender, I believe that genitals and chromosomes are irrelevant. Just as, if someone tells me they are gay, I am not going to question it. Or tells me they are straight. Or bisexual. Or kinky. Or vanilla.
The biggest gift of respect we can give a person is to believe what they tell us about themselves and validate it with our behaviour towards them.
Anyway, if Hardy Haberman ever wants to pursue a career in erotica writing, he definitely has the ability. The first part of this article had me panting ;)

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