Friday, March 21, 2014

Another Man's Trash

In January, popular New York BDSM author Laura Antoniou tagged me in a post regarding submissions for a 2015 edition of The Best Lesbian Erotica Anthology. I decided then and there to try my hand at writing a full on short story with only girl on girl action.

I've been writing the boy on boy stuff for awhile and, although I still really enjoy it, I do feel like branching out into other genres. So Laura's challenge came at just the right time.

I wrote the story this past week. It's called "Another Man's Trash" and this is what it's about:

Rachael Fraser buys cheap abandoned storage lockers in order to stock her small thrift store. At an auction one hot afternoon she spies a beautiful red haired woman on the arm of an arrogant stranger - an impatient man who purchases an expensive locker in the face of his girlfriend's protests. Later that week, when sorting through her purchases, Rachael encounters the woman again. Lydia has been abandoned and left to unload a big locker on her own. Rachael offers her assistance and the next thing you know, close quarters and a united purpose bring these women together in a steamy encounter.

My husband laughed when I told him my short story would take place partially at a storage facility. I was trying to think of an original setting for my characters' encounter, but I didn't really picture them having full on sex in a storage locker. So the other setting ends up being the back office at Rachael's thrift shop.

I'm pleased with the story, even though it took more deliberation than some of my M/M pieces which seem to come embarrassingly easily.

Once I get the first draft back from my helpful betas I will submit it and keep my fingers crossed.

~ Liz

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