Friday, January 10, 2014

Varieties of Religious Experience

To tell you the truth, I wasn't certain I would actually write the third book in this series. I'm really happy with where The Cross and The Trinity ends, and I wasn't sure I had anything else to tell about the characters.

Well, I can now safely say, I do!

I've mapped out Varieties in detail and it looks like there will be a couple of fun minor characters introduced. Namely, James' sixty-nine year old mom, Meghan, and her younger 'girlfriend' Colleen (54).

I'm looking forward to bringing in these 'girls' and showing another side to James as he introduces his mom to his two boyfriends.

Really excited about where this third book will take my characters!

Here's a preliminary blurb:

Varieties of Religious Experience:  The third book in the Beyond The Edge trilogy finds Tate learning to downhill ski in preparation for a Christmas holiday he plans to take with his boyfriends, James and Sebastian. The three men have been weathering some minor relationship issues as the holidays approach and look forward to a short getaway to Mont Tremblant. But everything does not go as planned, and the men are faced with something that upsets the delicate hierarchy of their relationship.


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