Monday, June 3, 2013

Alex Minsky

My daughter asked me once, how old is too old to have a crush on someone? My answer: NEVER

I will be forty-four in a few weeks (June 29th) and am proud to announce the subject of MY new crush:

Mr. Alex Minsky. 

Alex is a veteran U.S. Marine who was injured while serving in Afghanistan. He lost his leg as a result but has not let this detract from the amazing and wonderful person that he is. It is so awesome to see a person with an obvious disability being portrayed as a sex symbol. 

I have Multiple Sclerosis. Although I have no noticeable disability at this time, it is possible that I might in future. And although I am nowhere near as fit and attractive as Alex, it is great to know that an imperfection may be looked at as either not important, or part of what makes a person unique.

Alex has a Facebook Page where he posts photos and uplifting messages so that others who may be facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles will see that anything is possible...

For more amazing photos of Alex Minsky, see the images taken by Gabriel Gastelum at his blog.


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