Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Strip For Me

     "You heard what I said."
     He blushed, looking around at the trail and the rocky slope beside us. "But we're outside. And it's cold."
     I laughed, sitting on a boulder and propping my boot up on another. "There's nobody for miles. And I'll warm you up."
     He thought for a moment, weighing his options. Finally he looked at me, his green eyes wide and guileless. "Is this, like, a test?"
     "Sort of," I admitted. "How far will you go to please me?"
     He started to unbuckle his belt, keeping his eyes on me. I sat up straighter, watching his willing compliance and experiencing the familiar thrill of being obeyed.
     When he'd taken everything off, even the white boxer briefs that now lay on top of the heap of discarded clothes, he stood there, naked, awaiting further instruction. He looked like a wild stallion, so beautiful and muscled to perfection, quivering slightly with cold and excitement.
     I stood and approached slowly, as if he might bolt at any moment. Placing my hand gently on his hip, I smiled and murmured, "Good boy."
     When our lips met, his opened immediately. He gave himself to me without another word, passing my little test beautifully.
     I hoped it would be the first of many...



Susan Mac Nicol said...

Wow love the excerpt Liz. Is this book available or a WIP?

Elizabeth Lister said...

Hi Susan! I lost you on Facebook when I deleted my account awhile back - I've tried to find you again - are you still on Facebook?

This is actually just a little blurb inspired by the above photo - I may turn it into a short story. I'll let you know if I do.