Friday, April 19, 2013

Leather Heights Book Launch!

On Tuesday I boarded a train at the Ottawa VIA station, leaving my husband to mind our two kids while I travelled the five hours to Toronto to attend the book launch for Leather Heights, Toronto, Canada - Kinky Tales from Hogtown.

It was tough leaving my kids. My son began to tear up as I said goodbye - it was the first time I'd been away from them without at least the company of my husband. It was also raining and miserable, so not a very scenic train ride. I wondered at first if I'd made the right decision to go away from my comfortable home to meet some new people and read from my short story "Leaving".

I used to visit my brother in Toronto almost every year. When I was in my twenties, taking the train to the big city felt very exciting and my brother took great pains to show me everything I was missing by living in the conservative government town we both grew up in. At that time of my life I had nothing to miss back home, except my retail job and a great group of friends. I was very independent, and proud of it.

I've now been married almost ten years to a wonderful man who takes great pleasure in helping me out whenever an opportunity presents itself. When we travel together, he always takes charge of the heavy bags and helps me with the smaller one if I necessary. I have Multiple Sclerosis and sometimes my hands get tired and clumsy. I joked before I left that I'd probably go to get off the train and wonder why my husband wasn't there to pick up my suitcase.

Anyway, by the time the train pulled into Union Station I began to feel very excited for my little adventure. I had an appointment with Scott, the manager of Glad Day Books, and needed to find my way there on the Subway, which proved pretty easy. The train got in a bit late, so it was already six o'clock by the time I met with Scott. He was very responsive to the idea of ordering a few copies of Beyond The Edge for the store.

By the time I made my way to O'Grady's restaurant, having lugged my small wheeled suitcase up the stairs to the bookstore and again to the second floor of the pub, I was ready for a drink! Luckily, I saw my brother already sitting at a big table right inside the door - a sight for tired eyes for sure! I hugged him and found a spot to stow my suitcase and satchel, then sat down for a bit to rest and chat with him. Soon, my sister-in-law appeared, and they introduced me to several friends whom they'd asked to attend.

When I did finally get up and introduce myself around, it was a trip. I felt like a real author, so many people asking me to autograph my story! I soon discovered that, by sheer coincidence, it started on page 69 ;) so was easy to remember. It was exciting to meet Youkali and the other authors who were able to make it - I did my share of autograph gathering!

Me and Youkali (Ms. Leather Toronto 2013)
Youkali is in San Francisco right now competing in the Ms. International Leather competition! I wish her the best of luck :)

Another author from the compilation, Penny G., read a short excerpt from her naughty story "No Choice." Here she is posing with Youkali:

Youkali and Penny G. (author of "No Choice")

I was very excited to meet the very sexy Dorianne Emerton, who interviewed me on Sex City CIUT FM in March. Dorianne had just come from the hair dressers where she'd had most of her very long hair cut off and donated to help cancer patients. All I know is, what was left of her hair looked fabulous!:

Dorianne (of Sex City, CIUT FM)

Jenn J., the author of the story "Tuesday" was too shy to read from her own story...

Jenn J. (author of "Tuesday") her friend, and another author in the book, Sarah P., read a short excerpt for her. Jenn should be very proud because her story is awesome!

Sarah P. and Jenn J.
Sarah, previous to reading Jenn's excerpt, had read a very hot selection from her own story "A Crack of Thunder".

The imagery and eroticism contained in these short glimpses from different stories lent a delicious spark to the atmosphere.

I finally got the nerve to approach and chat with the two hot men manning the sales table, and was delightfully surprised to discover that one of them was Pup Ego, Toronto Pup 2013, whom I'd been looking forward to meeting. He was incredibly cute and sweet, and let me take his photo:

Pup Ego (Toronto Puppy 2013)

I asked Youkali (I think - the evening is a bit of a blur) to take a photo of us:

Me and Pup Ego

I was pleasantly surprised when Pup Ego landed a wet puppy kiss on my cheek for another photo:

Surprise Puppy Kiss!

He apologized afterward for getting my cheek wet, but I said it was okay - my daughter usually tricks me by licking my cheek when I'm expecting a kiss so I'm used to it ;)

He introduced me to Mr. Rubber Toronto 2013 who also posed with me for a picture. By this time I was on cloud nine surrounded by such hotness, male and female! What a great evening!

Me with Mr. Rubber Toronto 2013
It was truly wonderful to be surrounded by other writers of erotica, proud to read the juiciest bits from their powerful and luscious stories. In retrospect I probably should have picked a more graphic excerpt to read of my own story, but I felt a bit shy and preferred to just lead them into the beginning of the encounter between Patrice and Freddy. Hopefully, they were intrigued enough to finish reading it on their own ;)

All in all, the book launch was totally worth a short trip from Ottawa :)))))

~ Liz

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