Monday, April 15, 2013


     In the middle of an intense makeout session, he suddenly pulled away and stood up, flashing me a mischievous smile before walking away.
     "Hey, where are you going?" I said, breathless.
     "I'm going to saddle Mick. We're going for a ride."
     He came back with Mick's tack and lead rope, his jeans still open from our grope session. Luckily everyone else had fucked off to the town fair, so we were alone.
     I followed him as he neared the paddock fence and dropped the saddle and bridle on the clean grass. He took the lead in hand and pushed open the gate, giving a sharp whistle through his teeth. After a few moments, Mick came walking over from the far corner.
     I watched the beautiful brown gelding saunter towards us with a curious air, wondering no doubt if we had treats with us.
     He came right up to Parker and nudged him in the shoulder, as if to say "Okay, where's my apple?".         
     Parker clicked his tongue. "I've got nothing for you but a nice scratch," Parker murmured, rubbing Mick's cheek and clicking the lead onto his halter at the same time.
     It took only a few minutes for Parker to outfit his mount. I watched man and horse interacting in this familiar way, again marvelling at my boyfriend's way with animals. It was so obvious that Mick loved every bit of attention Parker gave him, and was happy to let him put the saddle and bridle on him.
     When he'd finished, Parker put his foot in the stirrup and leaped onto Mick's high back. He held out his hand to me. "Come on."
     I grinned and grabbed his hand, placing my foot in the stirrup that he'd freed for me. I let him pull me up onto the horse behind him. I groaned as my cock, hard from our kissing, rubbed against him under my jeans as I settled in position.
     He laughed. He grabbed the arm that had circled his bare torso and guided my hand down into his still open pants. "Me too."
     I grinned as he urged the horse into an easy walk. My hand circled his erection and stroked lazily as I pressed my own hard-on against him. "Where are we going?"
     He squeezed my thigh with his free hand. "The lake."
     I nodded, my legs tightening around the horse as he urged him into a trot. 
     "I want to do nasty things to you under that group of pines by the east dock." 
     "Fuck, yeah." I said hoarsely, relinquishing his solid cock to hold onto him better as Mick moved into a smooth gallop. "They won't be back till supper."
     "Exactly," Parker said. "It's as if the whole world is ours today."
     "About fucking time."

~ ~ ~

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