Sunday, April 21, 2013

A True Oasis

While I was in Toronto, a friend of mine offered to take me to Oasis Aqua Lounge to have a look around and relax in the heated pool. She said she thought I might want to have a gander and write a blog post about it, since it was a pretty cool place.

Not exactly your traditional spa, Oasis is an upscale sex club located smack in downtown Toronto. They cater particularly to couples and women who want to experience the freedom of random encounters and more in a sensual and accommodating environment:

Oasis Aqua Lounge

Heather, my friend, said that, on Wednesdays, admission was free for single women (or unaccompanied women - I'm not exactly single, but the staff don't care about your marital status) and that the place was usually pretty dead on a weekday afternoon. Supposedly, we wouldn't have to worry about blocking the advances of the single men who have to pay an admission fee to attend and are only free to do so on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Heather frequently attends Oasis with her husband and seemed to know the ropes. She already has an account at Oasis, and all they needed from me was a first name and email address. I was kinda disappointed not to be asked for I.D.. Alas, I suppose it was fairly obvious that I was older than nineteen.

We had decided that, even though clothing is optional at Oasis, we would wear bathing suits. Heather has a thing about public nudity in broad daylight, and I felt that my husband might feel better if he knew I wasn't cavorting naked in front of naked single men. I had just picked up a brand new suit anyway and wanted to try it out.

After changing by the lockers and seeing one or two nude women come in and out of the changing area, Heather showed me around (I snagged these photos from another article about the club as Oasis doesn't permit  photography unless it's been pre-arranged).

She showed me the hot tub and pool first. The hot tub was abandoned but there were several people (about three men and one woman) lounging by the pool, and one woman in the pool, floating on an air mattress. All naked. So much for being quiet on a weekday. Although perhaps this was quiet?

We then went inside and looked around at the various rooms opening up into a central area. My eyes were immediately drawn to a 'red room' where a naked older man was intent on roping up a smiling, naked young woman, while another naked man lounged beside them, watching.

 If this wasn't intriguing enough, my friend Heather then greeted the older man and chatted with him for a moment. Obviously they knew each other. As we moved on, she laughed, saying she thought it would be deserted and that here it was, not exactly busy, but definitely in use.

Frankly, I did not mind a bit. I'm very much a voyeur at heart, so it was great to get a bit of the experience without actually participating.

The place is very well set up, with several rooms featuring vinyl covered mattresses of varying sizes, a stripper pole, a pseudo, opened, back-of-the-van for fantasy role playing. All this freely for view by other patrons if you choose to partake of any space. The red room actually has one-way mirrors on one side so people can watch without being observed themselves.

Of course, the most interesting space for me was the small dungeon, which featured a St. Andrew's Cross, spanking benches, mirrors and a high quality leather swing. A veritable feast for a BDSM erotica author's eager eyes ;)

Heather pointed out that there were some private rooms on the top floor where people could go if they were less into exhibitionism and wanted some privacy.

Finally, we stepped out into the sun onto the pool deck and tried not to feel overdressed as we descended into the heated water wearing our swim suits. Part of me wished I had decided to go 'au naturel', although it would be easier to behave myself this way. I was thinking along these lines because I had caught sight of a very attractive man who looked very much like a certain Ottawa personage who features on the cover of my BDSM novel, Beyond The Edge. What is it about fit, older bald men that gets me going??? I don't know but when this man stood up and got into the pool with us it was all I could do to keep my cool and stop my eyes from lingering too long on his gorgeous form.

I'm pretty sure he came into to pool to assess the situation and see if either of us were open to anything on this beautiful sunny afternoon. He swam about a bit and spoke to Heather, but must have realized that we weren't there for anything but a relaxing swim. I watched surreptitiously as he climbed out of the pool and towelled off. This alone was worth the visit.

He then went inside and I was left to contemplate the other naked loungers. The others weren't bad looking - middle aged and comfortable in their bare skin. We were witness to a casual half blow-job poolside, which was kind of cool. It didn't go anywhere but it was so freeing to realize that any activity, as long as it was consensual, was free game. I won't lie and say that I didn't feel a bit uncomfortable, but only because it was such a new environment/atmosphere to find myself in. I felt sexy and desireable. I could feel the eyes of the men on my mature, voluptuous body, admiring my breasts and my lips, and wondering what Heather and I had come here for.

While we were swimming and floating we were eventually approached by an old man from Saskatoon who seemed desperate for action, poor guy. He wasn't bad looking, but quite a bit older than us and not very subtle in his questioning. Yet not prepared to ask either of us outright if we wanted to have sex with him, a query that Heather later said would have gotten her respect much more than his hedging. At some point a very cool, attractive woman with some body piercings and nice tattoos came into the pool, and our elderly admirer began to chat her up instead.

Eventually, the heat of the pool became too much and we decided to call it a day. We went to our lockers and towelled off, changing in full view of a couple of men which I did find rather odd although not really unpleasant. I just felt very self-conscious that I was being watched. I think that, coming here with my husband and being observed by other couples and women would be less nerve racking. This was Wednesday, when single men could pay to cruise the women who were allowed in for free. I wasn't at all worried about my safety, since there were so many people around and staff on the lower level. Plus, Heather is pretty tough and street smart, and I knew she'd protect me from any overt or unwelcome advances.

On the drive back to Heather's place I organized the images in my memory that I would save for later pondering during a private moment. Oasis Aqua Lounge is a remarkable concept for a sexually free environment - quite literally an adult sexual playground, as they call themselves. I look forward to bringing my husband here on a future visit to Toronto and truly experiencing the excitement and novelty of such a unique place.

~ Liz


Indy said...

Sounds like a wonderful place. Though I prefer my "private clubs" a bit more on the "seedy" side, *grin* it looks like it would be a wonderful place to fritter away an afternoon, if for nothing else then the pool. Actually, ESPECIALLY for the pool...public pools just, well, suck..too many kids. LOL

Elizabeth Lister said...

I agree! And I have kids, lol! When I'm going to a pool to relax and have a good time, there had better not be any ;)

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