Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sexy Superheroes!

On Saturday, my friends and I participated in a bowl-a-thon for the Ten Oaks Project, an organization that provides camps and activities for children of LGBT parents and for LGBT youth. My team raised a modest $260 towards the $40,000 goal which was achieved by the time the bowl-a-thon ended.

My sexy superhero friends were my initial motivation for participating. They had already assembled a team and I decided to put one together as well.

It was a wonderful afternoon full of laughs, adventure and good spirits. I only dropped the ball once and my husband turned out to be wiz at ten pin! My friend, Karl (Pup Rolph), proved that it is possible to bowl well in a leather pup hood and tail!

Much thanks to everyone on my team for the great team spirit and awesome bowling!

We also caught a glimpse of surprise guest, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, before she left.

It was a pleasure to participate and assist with such a great cause :)))))

~ Liz

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