Sunday, March 17, 2013

Love Has No Boundaries

Okay, so...after saying I wasn't going to do this anymore, I've selected a photo and a story prompt in the Goodreads M/M Romance Groups, Love Has No Boundaries, writing event.

This time, though, the photo/prompt immediately 'spoke' to me with inspiration and the knowledge that this is one story I can write well and will very much enjoy writing:


Dear Author,

I am working three jobs to make ends meet, going to college at night and have not had any time for fun. I live one lonely boring life.

My neighbor across the hall has been watching me for some time without my knowledge. He thinks I'm overworked and need some time to relax...with him.

Somehow his version of de-stressing is this:

and calling him Daddy.

Please write my story about how I ended up being his boy.

Thanks! ;P

P.S. - a HEA most definitely!


I believe the stories will be posted in June and July.

I seriously cannot wait to begin this one!!!

I've already titled it and created a working cover:

~ Liz

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