Friday, February 1, 2013


     I happened to glance up from my book just as Sam climbed out of the pool. Holy Hell. Unable to keep from staring, I fixated on the way his white underpants clung wetly to his hips and the water dripped down his muscular torso.
     "Watcha reading?" he said as he padded over to my deck chair, grabbed a towel and roughly dried his face and hair.
     "Um..." I cleared my throat. What was I reading? I had to look at the book to remember. "A biography of Diane Arbus."
     "Hmm. That sounds kinda dry." he said. He flicked me with the towel before dropping it on the ground. "Why don't you get wet?"
     My eyes travelled over his lean young body, clearly seeing the outline of his semi through the fabric of his underwear.
     Our eyes met. He grinned and took the book out of my hands. "Come on."
     Tossing it onto a dry spot on the pool deck, he turned and walked to the edge of the pool. My eyes immediately went to his perfect ass, outlined clearly by damp white cotton. Turning, he grinned back at me. "The water's perfect..."
     I cleared my throat again. What the fuck was wrong with my voice? "But...I'm not wearing underwear." 
     "Even better." He said, jumping in.
     He'd come out of the pool just to tease me. 
     I stood up and started unzipping my cargo shorts. "I have a woody, just so you know." Might as well be up front about it. He'd know in a minute anyway.
     "So do I." 
     I looked over to see him treading water, holding his wet underpants in one hand.
     Cheeky bastard.
     I grinned, shaking my head as I shucked my shorts and stood before him, completely naked and hard as fuck. "You look like a crazy frat boy."
     He laughed. "I am a crazy frat boy. Now get the hell in here before I drag you in."
     I smiled, walked to the edge of the pool and sat down on the edge, dangling my legs in the water. "Come and get me."

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