Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Third Wheel

     After the game, we shook hands and most of the boys dispersed.  When Darrin wiped a sexy forearm across his sweaty forehead and asked if I wanted to join him for a swim, what was I supposed to say?  The twinkle in his blue eyes made me sure this was an invitation to something a little more intimate than a friendly dip.  And it was an invitation for which I’d been waiting a rather long time.
     But Sam joined us on the rocky path through the bracken.  My heart fell and my cock deflated.  Maybe this was just a friendly swim.  Or it was an invitation to watch the ‘Darrin and Sam Show’.   A flicker of hope had flared briefly that perhaps Darrin was made of the same stuff as me.  That he wanted me the way I wanted him.  Why do I keep torturing myself?
     The beach beyond the hidden trail was not the nicest.  It was small and rocky; the water full of weeds and who knows what else.  I had been a couple of times before, with other guys.  It was a great place to steal a kiss or a grope (or more), without worrying about tourists or little kids catching you at it.
     I hung back, disappointed, as Sam grabbed Darrin’s hand.     “Come on, Marco!” Darrin yelled back at me, then turned and followed Sam into the waves, shirt, shorts, shoes and all.
     Figures.  This just figures.  I’m always the third darn wheel.  Always have been.  Always will be.
     I sat despondently on the sand and watched the two of them cavort and frolic in the cool surf.  They were perfect - both of them.  Shorter and slighter than Darrin, Sam was just as toned, tanned and physically fine a specimen.  In fact, his body was almost more my type than Darrin’s.  But it was Darrin who had that charisma, that devil-may-care attitude, that attracted me, and made my dick immediately hard when he was around.  Sam was quiet, and really, if not for Darrin, I’d never have noticed him.
     It was our final summer before college.  High School had ended, thank God, and now we were on the cusp of becoming adults.  It was scary and exciting at once.  I knew Darrin had been accepted at a campus on the West Coast.  I think Sam was staying in town, like me.  I wasn’t really sure, nor did I care.
     I watched as Sam pulled Darrin beneath the waves in a headlock.  Darrin came back up quickly, sputtering and laughing.  He grabbed Sam around the waist and pulled him close.  Sam struggled in his grasp and I expected him to twist away.   I’d seen other guys play this way many times.  It was innocent and friendly, with no sexual undertones.  That doesn’t mean that I didn’t get off on watching.
     Suddenly, Darrin glanced my way, as if to make sure I was watching.  He said something to Sam and Sam looked over.  He waved to me.  I sat up straighter and gave a hesitant wave in return.  In a moment that would stay with me for a long time, I saw Darrin move his hands up to Sam’s face.  He leaned in and pressed his lips tenderly to his friends’, kissing him slowly and deeply as I watched with eyes wide and cock swelling.
     What the …
     They liked boys too?  Like I did?  Were they a couple?  Or just screwing around?  I didn’t even care as I watched the kiss go from tender and sweet to desperate and hungry.
     My cock twitched happily.  But I remained disappointed.  I was still the third wheel, even more so now.  I rubbed my hand over my tented shorts.  I couldn’t help a quiet, sad moan escaping.  
     I should just go.  Why sit here and torture myself?
     I stood up from the wet sand and dusted off my legs.  When I looked up, the two of them were moving through the water toward me.
     “Marco.  Where are you going?” Darrin asked.
     I shrugged.  “Nowhere.  But it looks like you two need some privacy.”  I felt shy and awkward.  I couldn’t look at them.
     “Don’t go, Marco,” Sam entreated.  “We want to show you our beach house.”
     I looked at him then.  Beach house?  “Huh?”
     Darrin laughed.  “It’s not actually ours.  It’s been abandoned.  It’s a wreck.”
     “But we’ve been using it,” Sam said, excitement in his eyes.  I’m pretty sure he saw my dick tenting my shorts.  His eyes widened.  He flashed me a grin.  “Come on!”
     He grabbed my hand before I could protest and pulled me along.

~ from The Beach House, available to read in full here.

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