Thursday, February 21, 2013


“Please…” I begged. “Please let me come…”
“Shhhh. Not yet…”
He had me tied down to our bed and now teased me mercilessly in his gentle, thorough way. I couldn’t take much more of it. 
He surprised me by backing off the bed. “Wait here a second.”
Wait here? What else would I do? “Okay?” What was he up to?
He left the room, soon returning with a bottle of Beehive corn syrup.
“Oh no…no…not that!” 
I struggled frantically in my bonds while he grinned widely.
“This is just what you need, Tate.” He asserted as he approached.
I shook my head. “Why?”
“Because it’ll give you something to focus on besides your job.”
I held my breath as he tipped the bottle over my belly and thick, artery-clogging corn syrup oozed toward my arching cock.
I made a noise of distaste as the cold, sticky syrup hit my sensitive flesh, and I gave an involuntary shiver. I could handle chocolate syrup. I could handle hot wax. I could even handle other men’s spunk with aplomb. But corn syrup? No. It was just too…something.
“Please lick it off, baby…quick…now…” I whined.
“Poor boy…just tell me one thing…will you really talk to your boss on Monday?”
“Will you tell him you can’t work so much?”
“Yes. I’m going to tell him…” I shivered as the thick syrup pooled at the base of my dick, the feel of it on my skin both sexy and disgusting at the same time.
“Will you tell him it’s because you need to come home early to get sucked and fucked and tortured more often?” He’d put the bottle down and now swirled the syrup with his fingers over my belly and cock.
“Yes, I’ll tell him exactly that Sebastian. I’m sure he’ll give me lots of time off after I tell him that. Like, my whole life…”
“Shut that mouth,” he said, kissing me hard. 
Then his mouth was on my dick, licking all that gooey syrup off, and I didn’t care about anything anymore…

~ From The Cross and The Trinity, Chapter One (unedited WIP)

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