Saturday, February 2, 2013


     He was there again today. As I peeked through the plastic blinds, my hand unconsciously stroked over the front of my underpants.
     The city was doing some work at the school across the road from where I lived. Yesterday I'd noticed the parked city truck, and, even more, the young guy in jeans and no shirt mowing the grass in the school field.
     Today he was pruning some trees near the school walls. The day was hot, so the sweat covered his muscular back with a glistening sheen. His faded jeans hung casually on his hips held up by a broad belt and tucked into his tan work boots.
     I rubbed my hand over the bulge in my shorts again and moaned quietly, hoping he'd bend over...this was better than any porn I'd watched recently. Because it was a real guy and he seemed so unconscious of his own beauty.
     "What are you looking at?" Jodie, my roommate asked, walking over with a cup of steaming coffee in her hands.
     I moved to make some room and widened the opening in the blinds with my fingers. "Him."
     She peeked out and almost spilled her coffee on me. "Oh. My. God."

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