Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Meeting Sebastian

I sipped my coffee, looking around at the other patrons; the usual crowd of nondescript people out for a quick snack or coffee and a browse in the bookstore. Every couple of minutes the door opened and I looked to see who came in. Finally, after about six or seven people, a young man wearing a brown hat with dog ears entered the coffee shop. He hesitated, looking around. I almost choked on my coffee when I saw him.
Tall and slim, wearing blue boot-cut jeans, Blundstone boots, and a brown leather jacket, he looked like a wet dream. His blond hair curled out beneath the edge of his hat, framing a boyish face with a generous mouth and flawless skin. When his vibrant blue eyes caught mine, he smiled the most adorable, questioning smile.
But that wasn’t what caused me to almost choke. I’d seen him before, at a coffee shop downtown, minus the dog-eared hat. I’m sure it was the same guy that I’d watched, with utter fascination, as he drank a cappuccino while texting someone on his phone. It had been one of those occasions when you see someone, and you can’t tear your eyes off them. He’d haunted me for days afterward, and then I’d just let it go because I didn’t think I’d ever see him again. I mean, what were the chances?
I nodded calmly while my heart beat a frantic tattoo. He came over, the dimples in his cheeks bringing life to my cock and causing me to squirm in my seat.
Jesus, get it together.
I stood up, hoping my hard-on wasn't too obvious at this point, and extended my hand, giving him the best smile I could manage in my surprised state. I had expected him to be good looking. To have caught the attention of James Lucas pretty much decreed that he would be. But, fuck, he had fallen from my darkest dreams into my metaphorical lap. The thought that this guy would spend the weekend with me and James, doing unmentionable things, just about blew my mind.

~ From Chapter Two, Beyond The Edge.

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