Thursday, February 14, 2013

Here, Kitty Kitty...

     "You're gonna dress up as a kitty cat?" I asked skeptically.
     "For you, anything."
     "Isn't that a bit...weird? And unmanly?" I said. "Like, shouldn't you be a lion or something?"
     "People don't generally keep lions as pets." he said, looking at me with his gorgeous blue eyes. "I want to be your kitty..."
     He picked up the black kitty mask, putting it on. He did look pretty...well, sexy. 
     I giggled. "Okay, you still look pretty manly." I admitted, looking at his strong stubbled chin and full lips beneath the mask. His muscular, naked torso also did not leave any doubt as to his gender. I began to feel a hot flash coming on as he moved toward me.
     "Here, kitty kitty..." I murmured, desire pooling in my belly. "I'll take good care of you..."

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