Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Plans for 2013!

Each New Years Day, I like to look ahead and plan my accomplishments for the year. I've done this since I was in my mid-twenties and it really does help to guide my activities and focus my energy.

This year, one of my main goals is to lose the twenty/twenty-five pounds I've gained over the past couple of years. I have a new doctor, so hopefully she can help motivate and encourage me that this is VERY IMPORTANT. As someone who struggles with a chronic neurological disease, I want to be as healthy as I can be, without turning that into an obsession. I will be joining the Greenboro Community Centre Gym this week and maintaining my membership there indefinitely, even during the summer when I will be powerwalking regularly.

Of course, another important goal is to finish writing The Cross and The Trinity. I'm still on Chapter Sixteen since I didn't work on it over the Holidays, but it shouldn't take too much longer to finish, especially once the kids go back to school next week. I'm hoping to edit and submit it to MLR Press by the end of January or mid-February.

Having another book on the way also means I will need another fabulous photo of sexy Michael Tattersall for the prospective cover. Mike has spoken to a friend of his, St├ęphanie Amesse, who is a very talented photographer living in Montreal and may be interested in doing something in this regard.

I will also be continuing to promote Beyond The Edge with a couple of interviews and features this month. Top2Bottom Reviews will be featuring the authors and editors of MLR Press this month, with interviews and reviews. I will also be featured at the Ottawa online GLBT Magazine Gayzing sometime this month, which will be a real treat! I have not had much local exposure, besides meeting people individually, so I'm excited for this.

I'm also looking forward to the renovation and re-launch of Ottawa's renowned GLBT bookstore, After Stonewall. I will be attending the opening night festivities in order to meet new owner, Mj Deyall, and get a look at the revamped store. He is bringing in wine tasting events and functional art for sale which can only serve to increase traffic to this little gem which was first owned by the fantastic David Rimmer.

I will continue my involvement with Ottawa's kink and leather community, especially the Ruff N' Tumble pup group, as it definitely enhances my writing and provides constant inspiration for stories and features. Not to mention, they are a fun and exciting group of people to hang around with. I hope to interview several of the pups individually this year in order to provide a broad spectrum of insight into this fascinating world.

Well, that's it, I think. I'm sure there will be surprises along the way and difficulties to overcome, especially regarding my first goal. But with the support and encouragement of my husband, family and friends, I'm sure that I'll be able to enjoy another amazing and fruitful year!



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