Friday, January 11, 2013

New Boy

“So,” I tried to ask nonchalantly. “Who are you meeting?”
James shrugged. “A new boy. He was referred to me.”
I nodded. “So you’re still entertaining people on weekends?”
He chuckled. “Well, of course, Tate. It’s what I do, remember?” 
Damned if I’d forget.
“Haven’t had any weekends yet to match our last one, though.” He said, softly and seriously, looking down at his hands almost demurely. Those hands that knew every crevice of my body as intimately as Sebastian’s did.
When he looked up at me his eyes blazed desire and need. I knew how he felt.
“I got Sebastian a puppy.” I blurted, trying to change the course of this conversation.
His smile widened. “You did? How sweet.”
“He’s taken it to a puppy class. We’re going to brunch later.”
James nodded. “How very domestic. I’m really happy for you, Tate.” He added.
“Thanks. It’s…things are great…” I said again, with a little less conviction.
Suddenly, James sat up straighter and nodded toward someone. “Seems my client is early…”
I looked over to see a very cute black-haired boy, about twenty-two or so, looking in our direction.
I cleared my throat, suddenly stabbed with jealousy. “He looks like fun.” I muttered sulkily.
James stared at me, assessing. “He was referred for training by his boyfriend. He’s taken.” He winked at me. “Seems all the fun ones are.”

~ from Chapter Three, The Cross and The Trinity

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