Thursday, January 24, 2013


I unbuttoned his shirt and ran my hands over his firm chest, down across his taut abdomen. I ran my fingers through the slightly thicker hair that led in a tantalizing trail toward his groin. Then I slid my hand around and grabbed his jean-covered ass, pulling him against me. He groaned and kissed me harder. I kissed him back and felt his hands slide under my t-shirt. They quickly found my nipples, which hardened and peaked under his fingers. He squeezed and pinched them gently, making me groan into his mouth. I pulled away and whipped my shirt off over my head, then went back to kissing him. I couldn’t fucking stop it was so good. It was like we were both slaves to this other force. This pull between us was so intense it threatened to obliterate our individual selves and create another being. That was what scared me. But I’d let him in and given myself up to it now.  There was no going back.

I reached for his jeans and started working on his flies. Just like in the bar, he helped me. Soon his enormous cock was in my shaking hands. He moaned into my mouth as I stroked him gently, reverently. I took my time, getting to know every curve and ridge and pulsing vein. And I really needed both my hands because he was so big. When I satisfied my curiosity, I reached down, cupping his balls, and ran the fingers of my other hand through the soft curly hair at the base of his cock.

He pulled his mouth away from mine. He buried his face against my neck, groaning and cursing quietly.

“Take off your pants. And your shirt.” I let go of him.

He rolled onto his back and got out of his jeans as I did the same. He shrugged out of his shirt. He pulled me back to him as soon as we were both naked. We pressed against each other, our bodies aligned and our cocks rubbing together. It felt fucking incredible. My arm slid under his neck and curled around his broad shoulder, pulling him against me. He buried his face in my neck again. His hands on my ass pressed my groin firmly against his. The feel of our cocks, hard and wet, sliding together, sent me to the fucking moon.

Then I felt Michael’s hand slip between us. He wrapped it around our cocks and held them together as we moved. Heaven.

“Oh, fuck…” I moaned. I found his mouth with mine, kissing him desperately as the pleasure built.

Michael gasped and whimpered, rubbing his huge hard cock against mine. He thrust into me. I pushed back, a trembling counterpoint to his desperate motions.

“Oh… fuck… fuck…” I groaned. I came, mewling into his mouth and letting myself fly apart. He grunted. As the waves of pleasure pulsed through me I felt his cock spasm. He cried out my name as he climaxed. Wetness and heat and quivering flesh surrounded me. I couldn’t tell what was him and what was me for a long, long time.

~ From Chapter Three, The Crush

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