Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just Us...

I threw the book onto the coffee table and grabbed Sebastian's shirt in my hands, pulling him toward me and finding his willing lips in moments. We kissed like we had the first time, desperate and deep and eager. But this time, there was no Dom urging us on or about to tell us to stop. And even though that had been very, very exciting, this was better.
I pulled his t-shirt free of his pants and slid my hand underneath, feeling the smooth warm flesh of his abdomen. He sighed, grabbing the hem of his shirt, breaking free from my mouth in order to pull it up and over his head. He tossed it to the floor and pushed me back on the couch, finding my mouth again and kissing me hard. Whoa, boy... Suddenly, shy Sebastian took control. And I liked it.
I lay back against the arm of the sofa, my hands winding through his mop of blond hair, tugging it and scratching his scalp gently. He groaned. He kissed me deeper, his tongue jabbing and fucking my eager mouth.
My cock felt like granite pressing against him. I was sure he could feel it as I could feel his. We rutted against each other and kissed like schoolboys on my living room couch.

~ From Chapter Eleven, Beyond The Edge

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