Thursday, January 24, 2013

Interview with Pup Steel

I am so pleased to welcome Pup Steel to the blog. Pup Steel is a young man of only twenty, but his expressive thoughts on the lifestyle he has chosen demonstrate an intelligence and maturity beyond his years.

How would you describe yourself to someone who has never met you?

Usually, when speaking to someone new, I try my best to express my passions, hobbies, and tendencies. I love people and hold strict moral codes for myself. One of these is to never be something I'm not. I tell people who are "interested" in me about my enrollment with the leather/rubber community and if they want to know more, they will ask about it. I'm always respectful to everyone's views and fetishes but won't change my lifestyle for someone else.

Is being a leather/rubber pup a big part of your self-identification?

I'm well into the pup scene but I can't say if I prefer rubber or leather gear yet. I earn my leather and that's what I wear for now, but I have a strange attraction to rubber. I love how its tight look defines the body...I'm off subject...The pup life is a part of me. I try to do well to reflect it in everyday life. I wear my tag proudly. I have caught myself wagging before but I'm trying not to do that.

My father recently told me to take my tag off because he didn't like it. I was quick to tell him no and stand up for my "style".

What, specifically, do you get out of this lifestyle/pastime?

Being a pup to me is a way to express happiness and love, to break out of my shell and entertain people, make them smile. I have to be honest, the love between a sub and a Dom is a passion I love the most - it's a happiness I can't describe.

Is the sexual component and integral part of it? Or is the submission/Dominance aspect more important?

The sex is fun :) It plays a small part of the relationship I search for, but I believe sex is an important part of bonding. It shouldn't be what makes the first impression - it should be the adventure and passion that develops and keeps you fluttering inside. The big thing for me is the idea of one giving themselves to you (or to him/her) knowing that they will take advantage of this to love you back in the most passionate of ways.

Is there a breed of dog that you would identify with as your own?

I actually relate to the Rhodesian Ridgeback but also the German Shephard. The Ridgeback can be hard to train. A very proud dog bred to actually hunt lions in Africa, it has mostly upper body strength and a red tinted coat. The coat also goes up the spine against the grain, and I love light, gliding fingers going up my back ^_^. People say I look like a German Shephard though, so I'd say I'm a mixed breed if I had to identify with one.

Is there a large pup community where you live? How does this affect your ability to enjoy your pup side?

There isn't really a community of anyone where I live. It's really difficult to be myself out here, period. I live in a discriminatory area, been through alot, but travel alot as well. The brief moments I get to be around such an amazing group of people help me fight to stay true to myself here. Maybe one day I will be in a more accepting community, but it won't stop me from caring about the people here still. I pray one day my parents will love me for who I am and be proud of what I have already done for my community.

Pup Steel taking a doggie nap


I really hope so too, Pup Steel.

Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed and for being so open about yourself and your hopes for the future.


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