Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dog Days

Finally, while staring at the TV as he flipped channels, he said, “I thought I was your puppy.” The statement hung in the air between us.
Oh, so that’s what this is all about? 
“Sebastian. She’s not for me. She’s for you.”
“Whatever made you think that I’d want one?” he said coldly, still staring at the TV.
I shrugged. I looked down at the puppy on my lap. Seriously?
“You don’t want her?”
I saw his eyes move, just the quickest of glances, down at the little thing. There was a fraction of a pause, then his eyes went back to the TV. And he shrugged. But it was enough to give away that there were chinks in his sulky armour.
“Hmmm. That’s too bad.” I said, ready to call his bluff. He was being ridiculous. “She’s pretty cute. But I guess I can take her back.”
He glanced at her again. She chose that moment to swipe at my finger with her little mouth and subsequently fall off my lap, into the little space between us. Bingo.
Sebastian gave out a big sigh and scooped her up, holding her against his cheek. “Okay, little girl. How can I resist you, huh?” He looked at me over the top of her furry little head. “But if that man there thinks this is gonna make up for me having to put up with two more months of workaholism, he’s kidding himself.”

~ From Chapter Two, The Cross and The Trinity

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