Friday, January 11, 2013

Darkness and Light

The excitement built inside me at the prospect of bedding this handsome boy, now that I’d finally given myself permission to do so. And once I’d admitted my desires, I couldn’t help laying everything on the table. Perhaps he’d run, and maybe that would be best anyway.

I turned, opening the drawer nearest me. I didn’t need to be able to see in order to gather what I needed. When I had everything, I approached the bed and the circle of light, holding my hands out before me.

When Freddy saw what I had he muttered “Fuck.” and sat up straighter. His eyes flew to meet mine, his forehead creased in worry.
     “Only if you want to.” I said. “I like it. Maybe you will too.”

~ from my short story, Leaving, submitted for a charity erotica compilation put together by Ms Leather Toronto, 2013.

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