Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Sebastian opened his mouth. James placed the red ball between his teeth and fastened the gag behind his head, then drew back to assess his work. "Beautiful. Remember, two or three fingers up and I will untie you immediately. Your part in this session will be over. Understand?
Sebastian nodded, clenching his hands in determined fists.
"Good. You're doing fabulously so far, Sebastian. I'm extremely pleased."
Sebastian glowed under the praise. As a sub, any praise from your Master is a precious gift.
James returned to me. "Are you okay right now?" he asked, his voice soft and gentle, reminding me of the roles we played here. He played  the part of  "Master," but a real flesh and blood caring man lay underneath the domineering surface, and he really did want to know if everything was all right with me.
I looked into his eyes, nodding.
"Good. You look fucking amazing. I'm already hard again. I'm really going to enjoy this, Tate, and I know you will too..."
I moaned in response. He knew me so well already.
He grinned and walked slowly over to where the straight chair sat against the wall by the cabinet. he grabbed it, bringing it over to the bench. I couldn't help but admire the way the muscles of his arms and chest moved as he did so. He placed it beside me, opposite from Sebastian so that he could see both of us, and Sebastian could see what he was doing. Before he sat down he walked over to the cabinet and took something out of a drawer. He brought it over and sat down. It was a bottle of massage oil. "I like my boys shiny and slick," he murmured as he poured some into his hands.
I closed my eyes when he started massaging me because it felt so good. He started with my chest and arms, standing up and leaning over to do a thorough job. I smelled the manly scent of him and saw the large pink nipples peeking through his chest hair as he leaned over me. I struggled a bit because I just wanted him on top of me, inside me, all fucking over me and this massaging was already a kind of torture. But he wasn't having it.
"Be still," he said firmly.

~ From Chapter Nine, Beyond The Edge

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