Monday, December 31, 2012

Memorable Moments of 2012

I like to look back at the end of the year to all of the memorable moments I've experienced. There were a hell of alot of them this year!

Late February/Early March - finished writing Beyond The Edge, my first novel.

April - Beyond The Edge officially contracted by MLR Press.

June - Received the cover for Beyond The Edge from Winterheart Designs featuring the image of Michael Tattersall by Fernando Farfan that I purchased from the photographer.

July - Watched Scout Zeb win the title of first official Ottawa Pup ever, for 2012: Xtra Article and Blog Feature and Blog Interview with Scout

August - Took my daughter to her first Pride Parade with my wonderful friends, Richard and Morgan:

She took photos and watched me get piled on by Leather Pups when they caught site of me: Blog Feature.

September - Beyond The Edge released on the 21st! MLR Press. I hosted a book launch party that same date and was so pleased to have about thirty-five people show up to celebrate with me! Blog Feature and Photos.

October - I finally held the print copy of a book I had written in my hands. Nothing will ever compare to that, let me tell you!

I also witnessed it appear and hang out in the top ten list in the genre on for about two weeks, even staying in the #1 spot for a few days! Really an unbelievable experience.

November - Met David Rimmer of After Stonewall and signed several copies of Beyond The Edge for him to sell: After Stonewall Facebook Page. So much fun!

Finally met Wanda Cotie of Wicked Wanda's and spoke about sex toys and kink, perusing some fascinating photos she had in store. Must make a coffee date with her in the new year! Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium

Attended a seminar at MLOXX that pushed my boundaries and expanded my education. Thanks to Mike Tattersall and the incredible Scott and Rob for a most stimulating and enriching experience: Blog Feature.

Found out that my friend Karl won the title of MLO 2013!!! Blog Interview.

December - Scout Zeb nominated Beyond The Edge for a prestigious writing award given by the National Leather Association - International: NLA-I and the book was also nominated for Best BDSM Story in the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's Members' Choice Awards!

All in all, a fabulous and exciting year that I watch draw to a close with much satisfaction!

~ Liz

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