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Interview with Karl Couture, Mister Leather Ottawa 2013

In November, my friend Karl Couture (alias Pup Rolph) won the honoured title of Mister Leather Ottawa 2013.  I asked him if I could post a short interview to the blog about his experiences preparing for and winning the competition and about his plans for the year.

What inspired you to compete in MLO this year?

It wasn't really inspiration as more of a slap to the back of the head. I was on Facebook when all of a sudden I see a chat window pop up from Sir Kira. September 13, 2012 at 8:59pm: So, I have to ask...

Those famous words are what started a conversation of me saying I wasn't ready for a large competition and realizing I had nothing to back that statement up. I didn't feel I was ready but in reality I was more ready than I knew.

Photo by Joseph J. Deogracias
How did you come up with your fantasy scene? Was it easy or difficult to persuade Daniel to participate?

The fantasy scene came around in the above mentioned conversation. The Ottawa Knights had done a leather bar night that was sports themed. Well, I don't play sports and the most I ever did was a bit of tennis. All I had was a tennis ball lying around so I brought it with me to the bar. During the entire night, the same above-mentioned person was trying to take my ball but I resisted her attempts. This is where my idea evolved from and it was out of my norm since it was not related to puppies.

I had asked Daniel if he'd be up for it and he said sure, but of course I needed to ask Sir Kira, since he is her boy/fiancé. I asked Sir Kira and she said yes without any hesitation.

Did you get alot of support from friends and family?

I did! Everyone was so proud I was doing this, putting myself out there. They've been proud ever since I showed I wasn't scared anymore of showing who I was. This was one of the many cherries already on the top.

What was your favourite part of the weekend (other than winning the title)?

My speech was my favourite part of the weekend. The reason being is I had written my speech about my experience over the past year and how I wanted to bring that to the community. My advantage was I didn't hear the other speeches so I didn't have anything to judge myself on. No moment of 'I have to follow THAT speech'. I was going out there as if I was Contestant One, not Contestant Four.

What made it my most favourite part was when the crowd started cheering two thirds into my speech. All I could hear myself say in my head was 'Why are you cheering, I'm not done yet.' but when I spoke the last third of my speech and those cheers came back a second time amplified, I couldn't help but stand there proud of what I had accomplished!

Photo by Joseph J. Deogracias
When they announced that you'd won, what thoughts went through your head?

I was just ecstatic and it felt right. The feeling that I was the next Mister Leather Ottawa just felt as though it was supposed to happen. I did my best throughout the weekend, proved to myself and to others that I could be myself throughout any hardship that the weekend brought on, and I proved to myself I could do it! Winning proved to me that what I had said just three months prior was wrong. I wasn't ready but now I was a big fish and I'm about to swim out of my little pond to meet other big fish!!

As Mister Leather Ottawa 2013, what do you hope to accomplish within the community and on your own this year?

With the community I want to promote puppies to the full extent! They are my priority within my community and I want to see them grow and I want to see more puppies come out of hiding to join us in our fun!! I also want to go out into the world, which I havent' done for a very long time, to promote myself and meet many new and interesting people in different communities!

On my own I just want to continue growing as a person and as a puppy. I have had a rough year but it's getting better. I have alot of growing to do and experiences to have. Other than focusing on myself, I would love to find that special someone I can share my journey with again.

Photo by Joseph J. Deogracias


Thank you so much Karl! And congratulations on your title once again!

Here is a link to an article at Leatherati that gives an in depth look at Ottawa's MLOXX weekend, with photos and videos of the contest, including Karl and Daniel's fantasy scene:



~ Liz

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