Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Finally Here!!!

I've been waiting for weeks for a copy of my book, Beyond the Edge, to arrive in my mailbox. A couple of my friends had already received their orders from There should be a box of some free copies from the publisher arriving anytime now. But it seemed, until today, that I was destined to be the last one to hold a copy of my own work in my shaking hands.

But it finally arrived today!  As I opened the box and took it out, the entire situation seemed unreal.  I was holding a book I had written, in my hands!  A beautiful book, with a beautiful, sexy man that I know, on the cover.  A book that, although it is not exactly the sort of book I always envisioned in my dreams of authorship, is still a book filled with inspired, intelligent and worthy prose.

When I was fourteen I received an honourable mention for a one-act play I wrote for a local contest.  It was exciting and I was proud of myself for a little while.  And then my, at the time, pessimistic outlook took over and I thought, well, it was only one of five honourable mentions.  I didn't actually get first, second or third place.  I can't be a very good writer after all.

To hold this beautiful paperback book in my hands, means so many things to me.  I'm a print author now. It's the beginning of a dream career that would not have been possible without the support of so many people - my husband, my family, my friends.

Four years ago, when I was diagnosed with MS at the age of thirty-nine, no-one, least of all me, expected that I would fulfill one of my deepest dreams in the matter of a few years. But realizing one's own perilous mortality definitely lights a fire under even the most lackadaisical rear end.

~ Liz


Anonymous said...

Yay, awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done wife!

Heather Fowler said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth! I heard about this book over on Coffee & Porn in the Morning, and I can't wait to read it!


Elizabeth Lister said...

I remember you, Heather! Glad your curiosity is piqued ;)