Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pup Pals...

Here are some shots that people paid to have taken with the Pups and have kindly allowed me to post here:

With Martin:

With Brian:

Bear and Scout:

Martin, Kira and Pup Fidget:

I'm only sorry that I don't have a shot of me with the pups.  Greg and I were out for a friend's birthday party and had planned on going for a quick photo, but I wimped out and drove us home instead.  Damn you, fatigue *shakes fist*.  I'm really regretting it right now.

~ Liz


shane luke said...

I like the one w/the...it looks like a "BLUE DOT" pendant necklace thing and wearing a DOGGIE HOOD! Also the skinny boy on the far left w the harness on! NICE... YUMMMY :~}

Elizabeth Lister said...

Mm hm. Pup Rolph (blue tag and pup hood) and Pup Johnny (harness and bandana).