Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Allure of M/M Romance...(re-post)

… from a female writer’s perspective.

What, exactly, is so wonderful about writing a story featuring two hot men relating on an emotional and physical level?  I’ve asked myself this question many times because I certainly do enjoy it.  I think there are several reasons why this is the case:

1)    Anonymity - Writing as a male character in the first person POV gives me a certain freedom.  If I’m writing from a female character’s perspective, I feel I have to be careful that that character isn’t just a fictional representation of me.  Sometimes, I feel I’m revealing too much of who I really am, in that situation.  When I write from a male POV, I don’t feel self-conscious.  I’m not a man, so it very obviously is not me.  Of course, there are elements of me in every character I write.  Writing as a male character just gives me the distance to feel comfortable revealing things about myself to the reader through an obviously fictional character.

2)    Freedom - For whatever reason, there seems to be a certain freedom in pretending to be (i.e., writing as) a man who is open to relations with other men.  As long as condoms are used, there is little risk of disease and, the big thing, from a female perspective, is that pregnancy is a non-issue.  This is, in a word, huge – For me, anyway.  As a sexually active woman in my twenties who couldn’t go on the pill (the hormones made me depressed and inhibited my libido), the risk of pregnancy, even with consistent condom use, was an ever-present black cloud hanging over every sexual encounter.  How is one supposed to have fun and relax when one slip-up could cause a life-changing event?  It is only now, as a forty-two year-old married woman with two kids, that I am free to have sex with one man (my three year post-vasectomy husband) with absolutely no worries about an unwanted pregnancy.  Perhaps that’s why I so readily relate to that sense of sexual freedom when I write m/m romance.  

3)    The Slut Issue - This is a good one.  Apparently, it is socially acceptable for straight and/or gay men to be promiscuous, but not for women.  I realize this no doubt arises from an evolutionary need to select appropriate and exclusive genes from a vast gene pool and ensure protection for our offspring.  But it still bites the big one.  Oh, to be a young gay man, comfortable with his sexuality, open to any possibility.  It’s almost a sexual utopia, at least in fiction.  Sex can be fun and meaningless or powerful and significant.

4)    Penises - Yes, that’s right.  Cocks, dicks, shafts, whatever you call them.  Not just one, but two or more?  I mean, come on!  Getting hard, pulsing, leaking, ejaculating … but I digress.  Yes, I admit to some definite penis envy.  I happen to love penises.  I even think it would be fun to have one.  Maybe not all the time – that would probably be annoying.  But, for sex?  Hell yeah.  Alas, barring a sex-change operation, which would upset my husband, shock my family, and probably not have a flawless outcome, I will never have one.  However, it is fun to imagine what I would do if I did have one.  I would definitely fuck other men.  On second thought, it’s probably a good thing I am a woman.  It would be out of control :)

Now, I don’t exclusively write m/m stories.  In fact, I have a multiple partner, multiple configuration fic that is ready for publication.  It contains m/f, m/m and f/f sex. 

But, right now, since the market for it is so hot and seems to be expanding, I am really enjoying exploring this genre.  And one thing’s for damn sure.  Since I’ve started watching gay porn (for research purposes, of course) my blowjob technique has improved dramatically ;)

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