Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pups on the Patio, and a Win for Scout (re-post)

Meet Pup Scout.

He is the new face of the Ottawa Pup Community.

In an emotional win yesterday at the Centretown Pub, this playful fellow beat out favourite Pup Rolph to win the first ever title of Ottawa Pup 2012!

It was a close race between Pup Rolph, whose appearance at the Capital Pride Parade last August has been the impetus behind the burgeoning Leather Pup community, and Pup Scout, who cited Rolph's bravery as his own inspiration to "come out" as a Pup.

In a heartfelt speech about personal identity and fulfillment, Pup Scout admitted that seeing another Pup out in public helped him put his fears aside and become more visible in the Ottawa Scene.

Last August, Karl Couture bravely decided to put his fear aside and appear dressed in full Pup gear to watch the Capital Pride Parade with his partner.  Little did he imagine that he would set off a veritable Pup frenzy in the National Capital.  A few well-attended Pup events later and here we were celebrating Ottawa's first Pup Competition!

Dressed in a full body leather pup suit and with eyes that would melt the coldest heart, Pup Rolph acquitted himself admirably during the contest.  He admitted identifying with the German Shephard breed as he is loyal, friendly and loves hearding his friends together into a cohesive group.  He also feels very protective of those close to him.  He is extremely passionate about bringing the Pup lifestyle out into the open and being himself without worrying about what others might think.  The pride and hope in his heart became apparent as he made a forceful speech about how far the community has come and where it might go from here.

Pup Jonny, the third competitor, also performed well for the judges.  He struggled with his English so, at the encouragement of the audience and judges, switched to French, and likened his personality to that of an English Corgi, because they are small dogs with big hearts.  He expressed pride in being able to appear as a Pup and become a part of the growing community of Pups in Ottawa.

Although declining to participate in the competition, Pup Oddball relaxed on a bench and watched the proceedings with interest.  Perhaps he will be part of next year's lineup?

When asked by one of the judges which dog breed he most identified with, Scout announced that the Alaskan Malamute was his inspiration, because besides being an intelligent and loveable companion, this breed has a distinct stubborn streak.  He explained that even though, in theory, the human pup is generally considered to be submissive to its handler, a bit of stubbornness can go a long way towards keeping things interesting.

Pup Fidget, who acted as a judge during the event, horsing or, I guess, "pupping" around during the preliminary set-up.

Pup Scout's decision to wear sports gear, underpants, and pup hood was a creative and effective move, not to mention very sexy, which might have helped him during the competition.

During the more provocative category of the contest, Pup Scout displayed his goods to the judges.

Pup Scout answering a question about what he would do with a juicy bone were he to come upon one...

...and judge Jordan Thomas (Pup Fidget) trying to keep from smiling at the obvious innuendos in Scout's answer.

M.C. Mike Tattersall trying to decipher the "pawprint-covered" written speeches.

Pup Rolph and Sir Isaac Wesley listening to Pup Jonny's speech.

All three competitors, Pup Jonny, Pup Scout, and Pup Rolph, acquitted themselves favourably and with good grace, and should be commended for displaying honour, friendship and support for each other throughout, and following, the competition.  

Ms. and Mr. Ottawa Leather Pride (Liz and Daniel) with newly titled Ottawa Pup, 2012, Scout!

An awesome event in a wonderful city that showcased what it means to be an individual and proud of who you are!

Woof, woof, guys! (translation: Great job!)

~ Liz

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