Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pride Through a Child's Eyes (re-post)

I took my eight year-old daughter to the Pride Parade this year.  My husband and I spoke about it and decided she was old enough to appreciate the essence of Gay Pride without necessarily understanding all the nuances of the various exhibitors.  We told her there would be lots of people dressed up in strange (to her) outfits, men dressed like women, men and women without many clothes on.  That it was an occasion to celebrate each person's individuality, while coming together as a community.

I decided to let her use my camera, so that we could see what the parade looked like through her eyes.  All but the last photo in this post are hers.

"Look, Mommy, a Princess!!!"...

She didn't seem to notice the religious fanatics across the street, and no-one else paid them any attention. I'm pretty sure God was ignoring them too.  He/She was so obviously present in the spirit of human togetherness and celebration right in front of them.

She was pleased to see her school board float in the parade...


Walking tall and proud!

She had so much fun and enjoyed meeting some of my gay/bisexual friends and hanging out with two that she already knows very well.  I explained that not everyone in and at the parade is gay/bisexual/transgendered, but everyone here supports people who are.  

I hope that this will begin a dialogue about personal freedom and the importance of accepting and celebrating people who may not be exactly like you, but who may have much to teach you about the wonderful diversity of our world.

Rainbow kisses...

~ Liz

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