Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ottawa Kink Community Comes Out - For ME!!!

On Friday, my BDSM novel, Beyond the Edge, was finally released by MLR Press.  The culmination of a year of hard work and vision and the ongoing struggle to balance family responsibilities with writing-related activities.

Instead of an actual book launch (see previous post) I decided to simply hold a celebratory dinner at Johnny Farina, a downtown Ottawa restaurant featured in both Exposure and The Crush.  I was expecting perhaps ten to fifteen people to join me.  I was so amazed by the response I received on Facebook for the event, and ended up making a reservation for thirty people!

I've spent the past year becoming acquainted with so many wonderful people in Ottawa's GBLT kink community.  As you've no doubt read on the blog, these people are so amazing, talented and compassionate.  They also really know how to have fun and celebrate life.  They've been so welcoming to me, answering the questions I had about various aspects of gay male sexuality and kink, and really letting me in to their close-knit family.  I was so honored to have so many of them come out to celebrate with me on Friday evening.  There were even people whom I'd not yet met who came out to share a meal with me and give me their support.

So, a HUGE thank you needs to go out to the following people:  Karl Couture, Jordan Thomas, Marcel Forget, Guy MacLean, Frank G, Mike Tattersall, Kira Morganne, Daniel Parenteau, Martin Beecroft, Martin Guay, Andrew Larche, Robyn Shaw, Martine Kle Chu, Jean Plomondon, Lance Hermes and his Princess, and all the Bears (I don't remember all your names but I am so pleased that you came out!!!)

AND of course, my slightly more vanilla friends: Paul Thompson, Hedra Marlene Pink, Morgan Barnes, Richard Corneau, Don, and Jennifer.  I was also so pleased to see our good family friends, Terry and Peggy West brave a much younger/kinkier crowd to show their support for me.  You two are so awesome!!!  Terry West has published three books of his own and you can visit his website here: Terrence Rundle West.

And my husband, Greg Lister, who braved the crowd to come out and show his support for me.  You are amazing and wonderful and you work so hard for me and our family.  I wouldn't be an author without you.  You always encouraged me to get back to my writing and I finally listened.  I love you so much!

I'd also like to thank the staff of Johnny Farina restaurant on Elgin Street in Ottawa.  You handled a very large reservation with speed and grace and even added another table and chairs later on when more people showed up.  And we didn't get kicked out when things got a bit raunchy and noisy near the end ;)  I think you gained some new customers who were very impressed with the food, ambience and service.

And a huge thanks to Richard Corneau for taking so many photos and for instigating so many interesting pairings/poses, and to Jennifer for being up for "anything" while her husband was away ;)

If I've forgotten anyone I'm so sorry - it was a crazy, exciting and fun-filled night - one that I will always remember.

I am so lucky to have such a large support network in my home town!  Thank you all!!!  Photos coming soon...

~ Liz

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