Saturday, September 22, 2012

No Book Launch (re-post)

I've been stressing quite a bit lately.  Over getting the kids back to school, a big family wedding coming up on the 15th that entails a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner two days before and a luncheon the day following, plus the actual ceremony and reception.  And my book launch party.

The last item is something I've badly wanted to have since my first e-book was published.  But it's kind of hard to have a book launch party for an e-book.  Believe me, I tried to come up with something, but to no avail.  Now that I actually have a print book coming out, I thought, well of course, now I can have my book launch party - yippee, fun, fun, fun!  Three problems.  I'd have to pay for the books and the shipping of a big box of books out of pocket when we currently live essentially on my husband's income with two young children.  I'd have to find a venue that I could have for free, since paying for it would essentially ruin any idea of a profit I could hope to achieve.  And third, since I have to order the books from the USA and they have to come through customs, I have no idea when they would actually arrive, making it really difficult to select a date for the party.

So I recently gave up on my book launch party dream.  It simply doesn't make sense from a logistics/financial standpoint.  So I've told my friends who were planning to come to the party and buy my book there, that they'll have to order it from Amazon themselves when it becomes available and I will sign it whenever they receive it.

I've also decided to organize a purely celebratory gathering at one of my favourite restaurants and one I used as a setting in both Exposure and The Crush, which is Johnny Farina on Elgin Street.  Most appropriate, able to accommodate a large group, and the food is delicious.  My publisher has confirmed the release date of September 21st for Beyond the Edge, so I've organized a dinner on that very evening.

So, although I was really hoping to finally be able to have an actual book launch/signing party, I'm extremely relieved now that I don't have the stress of planning one with all those variables.  I'm still giving a seminar at Mister Leather Ottawa in November and will promote my books at a table in the vendor fair.  If anyone has managed to obtain a print copy by then, I'll be most willing to sign it for them.  And I'm anticipating meeting people on a one-on-one basis for coffee or tea or dessert in order to sign their copies when they get them.

Think of it as a months long, personal book signing experience ;)

~ Liz

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