Saturday, September 22, 2012

Leather Pup in the Big City (re-post)

Earlier this summer, my friend Karl Couture paid a visit to Toronto, to march in the Toronto Pride Parade as his alter ego, Pup Rolph.  Sir Isaac Wesley, Mister Leather Ottawa 2012, was kind enough to handle his leash for the trip.  I asked Karl a few questions about that weekend:

You recently travelled to Toronto to take part in the Gay Pride Parade.  Was that a positive experience?

It was a mixed experience due to the miscommunication between staff. However, even with this miscommunication, it was still a positive experience to be able to walk with so many great people!

You were there with Sir Isaac Wesley.  Can you explain your connection to Isaac and what it was like participating in the parade with him?

SIR Isaac is my handler when he locks my collar. He held my leash and we walked the parade together, and I’m a little biased to this question as this was the first ever parade I’ve walked with him.

It was extremely hot that weekend, with a high humidex.  How did you deal with the heat and being in your leather pup suit?

Lots to drink and great people to act as trees for shade, LOL. Luckily there were many around me who cared for my well being, especially with all the miscommunications and the hold ups in the staging areas. If it weren’t for all of them, I probably wouldn’t have made it but their support helped push me through the extreme heat to have a great time!

How does the Toronto Pride Parade differ from the Ottawa Pride Parade?

I can’t rightly answer this question as I’ve never walked the Ottawa Parade. Different people same fight!! It’s not about size or about attendance it’s about showing pride and strength as a community!

Did you meet alot of interesting people?

Oh my yes!! Thanks to SIR Isaac, I met so many interesting people!! Tarna Scyanne(Ms. Toronto Bootblack 2012 and Ms.International Bootblack 2012), Alex Canning(Mr.Leatherman Toronto 2012 and 6th place for International Mr.Leather), Nathan Grey(Partner to Alex Canning), Woody Woodruff(International Mr. Leather 2012), Bob ‘Papa Bear’ Behnke(Partner to Woody and official puppy tree!), Angel Velez(Mr.Chicago Leather 2012 and not sure what rank placed for International Mr.Leather), Raphael Louis Ferreira(Partner to Angel), Joseph J. Deogracias(Leatherati Correspondent)! These were the main people I met, a great group and now wonderful friends!

How do children respond to seeing you in your suit?

Since not many children were present, or at least at the staging area, there was one little girl who was brave enough to come up to pet the Mr.Friendly puppy I was carrying! However, there’s usually a good response from children as they see things from a different perspective than most!

Is there a large pup community in Toronto?  Tell us about some of the events going on with that group.

There is currently one group I know of called the Black Eagle Kennel Klub hosted and created by pup Argo Toronto’s Alpha dog! At the time of the parade I had yet to attend one of their pup nights, however I’ve heard great things about it from Argo himself, who has been my role model since I first met him at Mister Leather Ottawa Last year!

How tired were you when you returned to Ottawa???  Hehehe.

Surprisingly I wasn’t as tired as SIR Isaac was as he fell ill. However I was in a good place after being in a bad place and that weekend helped me break out of my shell a little more than I have been in a long time! I was tired, but not tired all at the same time!!

Thank you so much for letting me interview you - I look forward to seeing you at the Capital Pride Parade this Sunday :)))

~ Liz

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